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Real Estate Developer Companies in 2022

There are many real estate development companies, but how do you pick the best one? Here are a few companies you may want to look into. These are DOM INNO Real estate company, Concord Real estate company, Shanta Holdings Limited, and Airball Development Technologies Ltd.

Each of these companies has an impressive track record of producing quality developments. The following are some of the key qualities that you should look for when hiring a real estate developer.

  1. DOM INNO Real Estate Company

DOM-INNO is a leading real estate developer in Bangladesh. Its projects are located in several prime locations in the capital city.

They have developed 410 apartment building projects in Dhaka including Baridhara, Gulshan, and Dhanmondi Uttara. Among them, 214 have been completed. Apart from commercial properties, DOM-INNO is also developing residential land in Dhaka.

DOM-INNO Real Estate Company has over 400 employees and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Founded in 2002, the company has grown into a reliable name in the real estate industry of Bangladesh. The company has developed numerous prestigious apartment complexes in posh areas of the country.

Over the years, it has gained a good reputation in the market, with over two hundred housing buildings completed. The company’s team is committed to providing high quality services and developing a high standard of living.

  1. Concord Real Estate Company

Concord Real estate company is headquartered in Mequon, Wisconsin. The company’s success has been attributed to the strategic acquisition of properties, insightful development, and responsible project finance. The company is committed to excellence in all of its business operations.

To this end, the company has acquired numerous properties, including shopping malls, apartment buildings, and hotels. It also has ventured into non-real estate ventures, such as food service, golf courses, and a variety of other types of businesses.

One of the largest and most experienced real estate companies in Bangladesh, Concord Real estate company has been in the business for over four decades. The company is best known for building the country’s largest amusement park, Fantasy Kingdom, as well as residential buildings and other projects.

The company has also contributed to the construction of the city’s infrastructure. With its expertise in construction, the company is ready to tackle any project.

  1. Shanta Holdings Limited

The most renowned and reputed real estate developer company in India is Shanta Holdings Limited. It has built numerous lavish buildings and has fulfilled the dreams of many people. Founded in 2005, this company tries to weave in a fine living experience like no other.

Its creations continue to raise the bar. The company believes in ethical practices and core values. Therefore, it is committed to providing luxury living spaces to clients, employees, and citizens of the country.

The company has developed some of the most luxurious apartment complexes in the country. Some of the buildings they have constructed include Shanta western tower, Akaash Prodib, Skymark, and The Etanin.

With the aristocratic design, these buildings target affluent people in Dhaka. In addition to luxurious apartments, these developments are also aesthetically appealing.

  1. Airbell Development Technologies Ltd.

As a developer of property in Chattogram, AirBell Development Technologies Ltd. was recently announced. The firm has a vision of creating unique habitats for individuals and families, as well as business enterprises.

Its motto is ‘A Smart and Sound Investment’. The company focuses on property development and real estate. Its goal is to provide a unique environment for residents in Chattogram. Its team of developers is based in the capital Dhaka.

The company was founded in 2004 and has been a fast-growing real estate developer in the country. Its projects are located across Dhaka, Chattogram, and Cox’s Bazar. It recently launched four luxurious projects in Chattogram that offer a diverse selection to its customers.

The projects are located in convenient locations and are near major centers of attraction. You can find detailed information on each project by checking the company’s website.

  1. Ghani Associate Company

Ghani Associates is a Real Estate company in Pakistan. It was founded in the 1990s. The company deals in the sale and purchase of land, houses, and other properties. It has a wide network of clients and customers all over Pakistan. The company is known for its quality services and affordable prices.

Final Words

In conclusion, real estate development companies will continue to grow and thrive in 2022. They will encounter new challenges and opportunities, but with the right strategies in place, they will be able to succeed.

As a real estate investor, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends so that you can make informed decisions. Thanks for reading!

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