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Rattan Wingback Chair – When Classic Meets Modern

A perfect combination of classy furniture and modern-day DIY projects, a rattan wingback chair is a perfect way to bring a rustic look into your home décor. These chairs are exceptionally comfortable to sit on and pretty to look at.

Sometimes these wingback chairs are made by machines and other times, it is made by hand, which further adds to their appeal. People who love DIY often make their own Rattan chairs and make sure to make them the centerpiece of their home.

If you are interested in getting a rattan chair or making it by yourself, here is what you need to know.

What Is Rattan?

Rattan is a very tough and long timber vine that is solid and very sturdy. The vines are taken from the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia, the Malay Archipelago, and Indonesia. A rattan vine can vary in size and thickness depending upon the tree and the time of the season it was harvested.

Rattan is most commonly used in the making of walking sticks, wickerwork, and furniture. Rattan is different from Bamboo, which is hollow inside and rattan is not. The fact that rattan can be so strong yet so flexible has made it a favorite of furniture makers all over the world.

A Much-Needed Comeback

Wingback chairs made from rattan are making a much-needed comeback and for good reason. These chairs can easily add a boho-chic style to your room without disrupting your original décor. These chairs are the epitome of modern craft even if they are antique.

They exude a class that can hardly be found in certain furniture styles that are popular today. Wingback chairs were first introduced in the 17th century and were made to be placed in front of fireplaces so that people can properly heat up.

Now they have made a comeback and rattan is the most popular material for low maintenance households who want to add a little spark of class and comfort to the room. These chairs make the perfect outdoor seating or indoor seating in your favorite book reading nook.

They have a timeless look to them that can make them appear to be a family heirloom if you want or a classy piece of furniture that you just purchased from the swankiest of places. Adding neutral cushions can elevate the look of your rattan chair and make it more inviting.

A woven rattan chair can be expensive, but you can definitely find more affordable versions online as well. when shopping for your rattan wingback chairs, make sure you look for different varieties and options. There are different wood options and there are many different styles.

The most common styles of rattan chairs are coastal, Victorian, boho chic, vintage, 20th century, and antique to name a few. You just need to find which of these styles appeal to you and which don’t. When paired with the right accessories and upholstery, these chairs can feel like a comforting hug from a loved one.


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