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Quick Guide for Planning an Oktoberfest Party

German Lederhosen are one of the first things you need to buy to kick of a splendid Oktoberfest party or celebration. Oktoberfest gatherings are not complete without a chic German Dirndl Dress or the ever vogue German Lederhosen Men outfits.

At Lederhosen Store, we carry a massive collection of traditional Lederhosen and Dirndl dress items. Our collection is far and wide and has something for everyone. Our designers have created bespoke pieces inspired from the ancient German-Bavarian textiles. We certainly offer the best mens Lederhosen and Dirndl dress options in the market – as these are not just mere garments for us, they are our first love. 

Authentic Lederhosen are a German or Bavarian-inspired cap likewise looks incredible with the every Oktoberfest costume-and for a truly legitimate touch, remember to add a feather to the cap.

How to care for Authentic Lederhosen?

Be certain that you take care of your new outfit and really focus on it appropriately. Actually take a look at the labels on your new Lederhosen men or German Dirndl outfits and accessories, and adhere to the care guidelines intently. For leather mens lederhosen, you will definitely not be able to wash them at home.

Leather should be cleaned or spot cleaned, yet we recommend passing on these tasks to an expert. Other authentic lederhosen materials may not be launderable at home either-and some might require professional cleaning.

How to Store a traditional lederhosen?

While putting away lederhosen men, we suggest a sealed shut container on the off chance that you don’t anticipate using the Lederhosen for a significant stretch of time. Assuming you believe your traditional lederhosen should be available, make sure to hang them on a holder in the storeroom for best care and airing out.

Now as we have covered basic things regarding the German Lederhosen and Dirndl dress, let’s move on to some Oktoberfest party ideas. 

German Decorations for a Party

Enlivening your home for an extraordinary festival, or purchasing decorations for a party, can be a fun and happy experience-and German decorations may be exactly what you want. You might link numerous German enhancements with one of a kind person and scrupulousness.

Numerous German-themed décor accessories are basic and reasonable. Be that as it may, some might set you back somewhat more. Since such a wide scope of German adornments exist, we have assembled a couple of realities and contemplations to help you in your hunt and buying plans.

German Party Decorations 

So you’ve chosen to have a German-themed gathering, costume party, or Oktoberfest festive celebration? German party embellishments ought to be at the first spot on your list. In addition to other things, you will need great food, heaps of beer, fun games and games, and insightful take home gifts- the party favors.

We’ve broken the rundown into a couple of classifications to assist you with getting everything rolling in your arrangements:


Assuming that you anticipate serving food at your social affair (which we truly trust you do!), you will require some silverware. German-roused flatware will add that German component you’re searching for in your party.

Assuming you’re going for a truly easygoing feel, you can observe paper plates and paper napkins with German themes. Or on the other hand assuming you’re going for something somewhat less easygoing, consider straightforward dishes with added shadings and assistants to give your table that German touch. Search for some fabric napkins in the shades of the German flag: dark, red, and gold/yellow. Search for decorative spreads with German subjects or German tones.

The credible Oktoberfest festivities are held in Bavaria, whose banner is white and blue in shading. Frequently, you will see Oktoberfest designs and festivities with bunches of blue and white-and this is the reason. Add a few candles for a hotter feel, or add a few new blossoms like edelweiss.

Numerous Germans likewise love tulips, daisies, and roses. Assuming you’re facilitating an Oktoberfest gathering, consider sunflowers or blossoms that are orange, yellow, or red to add a hint of pre-winter. Indeed, even shaded leaves would look extraordinary on a table set for an Oktoberfest feast. Also, we would strongly suggest setting out a couple of bowls of pretzels or other German snacks on the table (and all through the house).

Hanging Decorations

Hanging enhancements make an instant party impact. Pick ones that are German-themed. Consider a couple of German flags for something more credible, or on the other hand assuming you’re going for something more relaxed, pick decorations in shades of the German flag (dark, red, and yellow/gold) or the banner of Bavaria (white and blue).

Assuming you’re facilitating an Oktoberfest get-together, harvest time themed hanging enrichments function admirably, as well. Shaded leaves, pine cones, pumpkins, gourds, and straw would be astounding, reasonable augmentations to any space for Oktoberfest. For German-themed birthday festivities, pick a few ballons in German colors or with German subjects.

Cute Party Favor gifts

Everybody loves smart take home gifts. Begin with packs with German-roused topics or, for something more straightforward, pick a little earthy colored paper gift sack or strong shading gift pack. Load up with things, for example, German confections. Or then again for Oktoberfest cute gifts, pick some apple items, for example, creamy fruit spread or apple jam.


Any German social affair would be inadequate without steins and mugs-and endlessly loads of brew to go in them! Beer steins are more traditional, enormous mugs with tops and they will quite often be more costly than other beer mugs.

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You could observe brew boots a touch more reasonable and reasonable. Or then again choose straightforward lager mugs that everybody can appreciate. Make certain to have a wide collection of brews. Attempt to use a couple of legitimate German beers however a few reinforcements have on the off chance that your visitors loath imported brews.


Remember the music! German music doesn’t need to be simply polka or accordion music. With a couple of speedy internet search, you’ll observe that German music is extremely assorted. From the extraordinary traditional writers to society music to contemporary popular music, Germans have a scope of sounds and styles that can add almost any disposition you need for your party.


The food is one of the main pieces of a German-themed party. For Oktoberfest parties, pick food varieties that fit with the fall season like apples (think apple juice, apple tarts, fruity dessert, and so forth.).

For a German festival, wursts are a need. Bratwurst, knockwurst, and liverwurst are a portion of the more normal sorts (despite the fact that liverwurst has an extremely impressive flavor still a large number of your visitors might wince on the taste). Sauerkraut goes with numerous wursts and German hotdogs. Pick an assortment of hard breads and a few distinct cheeses.

Potato salad is another astounding German dish-and, obviously, pretzels. Then comes desert. Think Black Forest cake (a chocolate cake with whipped cream, cherries, and now and then a few chocolate shavings). Or then again attempt German chocolate cake (with a coconut and walnut or pecan frosting – it’s scrumptious!) Other German deserts incorporate streusel and different baked goods.

Games and Activities

For much more fun, pick a few games and exercises that are German-inspired. Perhaps you could have a pretzel-production station, or pick a couple of beer themed games. Make one of your #1 games German-themed, for example, German-themed Pictionary or acts.

In particular, recall that your German party ought to be fun and light-vivacious. Having the right enrichments and different components of a decent party will make arranging and facilitating a lot simpler.

You need to sit back, unwind, and partake in the work you put into the party-so do the preparing of time and when your visitors show up, go along with them for an evening of essential fun. On the off chance that you’re searching for additional thoughts, attempt a fast Internet search, or think of a few groundbreaking thoughts of your own!

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