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Questions and answers about the bicycle carrier towbar!

Which manufacturers and brands are there?

Very well known for their good quality are the bicycle carrier towbars from Thule. The products of this supplier are characterized by a beautiful design and high functionality. However, street saw hoverboard with this manufacturer, you will hardly have the opportunity to buy a bicycle carrier towbar cheaply.

Other manufacturers of towbars for bicycle carriers convince with high stability, as is the case with the bicycle carrier trailer couplings from Atera and Ueber. These two brands produce products for two large bicycles, which offer a high level of safety.

Finally, you can also consider the bicycle carrier towbars of the more unknown brands such as Eufab, Westfalia, and Peruzzo. These towbars convince with a lower price. Finally, you can also buy a good bicycle carrier towbar at Aldi or Lidl.

Therefore, remember the following brands:









How fast can I drive with the bicycle carrier on the trailer hitch?

This question depends on the model you have attached to your vehicle. As a rule, a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour is specified for bicycle carrier towbars.

But play it safe. Read the user manual to find out the exact maximum speed of your bicycle carrier towbar.

Is there already a test from Stiftung Warentest?

Stiftung Warentest has already carried out a test on bicycle carrier trailer couplings. The test winner for bicycle carrier towbars for four or three bicycles was also determined.

According to Stiftung Warentest, towbars are very quick and easy to install. According to the comparison for bicycle carrier towbars, it was claimed that on some models, the user even runs the risk of the wheel damaging his vehicle and paint.

In addition, tests in 2022 found that the majority of brackets are already pre-assembled. Therefore, these clutches are much easier to attach to the vehicle. The test winner is the bicycle carrier towbar from Thule. The Thule Classic G6 929 clutch carrier costs 490 euros. In Germany, the AteraSrade 3DL clutch performs well for about 480 euros. The Winny 3 Plus clutch from Menabo is still good. It costs around 245 euros.

How does a bicycle carrier hold on to the towbar?

A bicycle carrier is mounted directly on the bicycle carrier towbar. This process is completed within a few seconds. With a clamping lever, you can perform the proper assembly. Then insert a fork under the ball and clamp the entire system.

Thus, the carrier holder is firmly pressed onto the ball head. Due to the resulting friction, the wearer is held in its position. It can no longer slip. For this purpose, it is necessary that you degrease the ball head in advance.

For how many wheels is the Bullwing SR11 bicycle carrier towbar suitable?

The Bullying SR11 bicycle carrier towbar is suitable for transporting two bicycles. Each wheel can weigh up to 30 kg. Thus, e-bikes can also be transported on a bicycle carrier.

How many wheels can be transported with the Menabo Winny Plus bicycle carrier towbar?

With the Menabo Winny Plus bicycle carrier towbar, you can transport up to three bicycles. The bicycles are fixed by means of a frame holder and tension straps, cheap electric stakeboards which ensure safe storage.

Is the Thule 933100 Bicycle Carrier EasyFold XT also expandable for 3 bicycles?

The Thule 933100 Bicycle Carrier EasyFold XT is designed for transporting 2 bicycles. It is not expandable to 3 bikes.

How many bicycles can be transported with the Atera Strada Sport M3 clutch carrier?

With the clutch carrier Atera Strada Sport M3 you can transport either 3 conventional bicycles or 2 e-bikes. The carrier can be extended for up to 4 bicycles.


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