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What is Prostate Cancer and when to seek help?

Prostate Cancer is a very common cancer among males. But, it does not lead to death if treated in its early stages.

The prostate Gland is present between the penis and bladder. It is helpful in the production of fluid that provides nourishment and transportation capability to the sperm.

It also secretes a prostate-specific antigen or PSA which maintains that the semen stays in the liquid state.

It controls the urinary function too. It is the high level of this very PSA that indicates if one is having Prostate cancer or not. Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer after skin cancer.

The studies have found that 1 in every 8 males has Prostate cancer. Though it is a treatable cancer and hence only 1 out of every 41 males is observed to die because of it.

Basically, if you are having Prostate cancer you won’t have any symptoms associated with it.Even when the cancer is in advanced stages you won’t have any symptoms as such.

But, there are still a few small little symptoms that occur and if you notice any of them quite frequently, you must immediately seek the help of the best prostate cancer surgeon near you.

The symptoms include:

⦁ Difficulty in urination. Even starting to urinate can be painful.
⦁ You will develop a frequent urge to urinate especially in the middle of the night.
⦁ Your urine stream would be weak.
⦁ There are chances that you might see blood in your urine or semen.
⦁ It might cause you pain whenever you try to ejaculate.
⦁ You might feel pain in your back, hips, and pelvis area.
⦁ You will start feeling constantly tired.
⦁ You might lose weight quite unexpectedly.
⦁ Pain in the bones has been found if you develop this cancer.

All these symptoms are subjected to the range up to which cancer might have spread. If the cancer cells are localized and are low grade, they are less likely to spread.

But, the real problem starts when the high-grade cancerous cells start to spread to other nearby areas.

Doctors usually take your blood test, urine test, or DRE( Digital Rectal Examination) to know the severity of cancer.

The amount of PSA levels determines if you are having cancer or are suspected to have one.

There are different stages to assess the spread and severity of prostate cancer. Based on this report the doctors determine whether or not the side effects are going to outweigh the results of treatment.

Early Stage Treatment of Prostate cancer

Best prostate cancer surgeon near me in Naples will check the PSA levels on a regular basis to carefully predict the chances of having this type of cancer.

Surgery called radical prostatectomy is recommended to remove the tumor if it has spread to the surrounding tissues, lymph nodes, or seminal vesicles.

Laparoscopic Surgery can also be recommended which is minimally invasive to the sensitive parts of the prostate gland.

External or Internal Radiation therapy assisted by computers can also be practiced to directly kill the cancer cells.

Advanced Stage Treatment of Prostate Cancer

If cancer has spread, more efficient treatments are recommended.

⦁ Chemotherapy: It is practiced with the help of drugs that can directly kill cancer cells. It has many adverse effects though.

⦁ Hormonal Therapy: Male hormones particularly testosterone and dihydrotestosterone are blocked or completely stopped to delay the growth of cancer cells.

⦁ Immunotherapy: The body’s intrinsic immune system is used to fight the cancer.

⦁ Targeted Therapy: It includes the usage of drugs to target the cancer cells.

Generally, people who are above 50 years of age are vulnerable to the development of this type of cancer.

Family history, race, and ethnicity also determine which population is more vulnerable in comparison to the other.

In extreme cases, the doctor can recommend the complete removal of the prostate gland and some nearby organs that may affect the fertility of males.

Though the reasons vary within a wide range for the development of Prostate cancer, people who take a high-fat diet, have STDs, or are regular users of alcohol and smoking are more likely to develop this type of cancer.

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