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If you want to use project planning software to streamline your processes, there are several options available to you. Here are some of them: Freedcamp, Mavenlink, Scoro, Workfront, and Visio. Read this article to discover what they are and how you can use them in your organization. If you’re unsure of which tool is best for your needs, you can always do your research using spreadsheets. There are many other options available too, so do some research and make your decision based on these.


If you’re in charge of project planning and need to stay organized, try the Freedcamp project planning tool. This project management tool allows you to split larger tasks into smaller ones, and the easy-to-navigate interface makes it easy to create new projects and groups. It also features a calendar for project updates, and can even automatically import old projects into new ones. However, if you’re not in charge of project planning and management, you can use the free trial version to see how it works.

Freedcamp is available as a web-based solution and is compatible with both Macs and PCs. There is a mobile version available as well, but it’s limited in functionality. Users may need to use it for small tasks, but it doesn’t really help you manage large projects on the go. So, if you’re on the go, freedcamp may not be the best choice. However, it’s worth checking out if you’re unsure about a specific project.

When it comes to free tools, you have to choose one that suits your business best. The best ones are those that integrate with other tools. If you’re working on a project alone, Freedcamp will allow you to collaborate and share files with your team members. Freedcamp also has a built-in calendar, so you can easily access your project schedule wherever you are. Its free trial version has a 30-day trial period, so you can test out the product first before spending your money.

Another thing to consider is the privacy policy of the service. While most project management tools do not mention security policies, Freedcamp has one that does. Its privacy policy is straightforward, though there are some typos. The company claims to stay away from selling personal information and only collects data that is necessary to provide an excellent user experience and offer innovative products. Additionally, the website says it will delete your data 90 days after your account is terminated. Whether or not you want to store your information on Freedcamp is up to you.


Mavenlink is a collaboration and task management software. Its features include project management templates and instructions. However, Mavenlink is best suited for large enterprises and professional service businesses. Despite the benefits of Mavenlink, it may not be right for everyone. Here are some of the cons of using Mavenlink. Read on to find out if this collaboration and task management software is right for you.

Mavenlink has a powerful and intuitive Gantt chart that allows users to plot tasks onto a timeline. It also enables users to set deadlines for each task. This feature makes it easy to compare the progress of a project with its baseline benchmark and initial plan. It also gives the user the opportunity to respond to projects that require additional attention. Its visual workspace helps project managers create dependencies between tasks. Users can set project deadlines and milestones and change them as necessary.

Another feature that helps keep a project on track is the ability to share documents and files among team members. Files can be uploaded directly into tasks and stored in a central area of the dashboard. Mavenlink has great integrations with project and collaboration tools like Box and Google Drive. Once you upload a document into Mavenlink, you will get a notification on your dashboard. You can also use Mavenlink to manage expenses, track project schedules, and manage billing and invoicing.

Mavenlink also has a marketplace of templates and tools. It can speed up planning with its customizable project templates. These templates include interactive Gantt charts, resource planning, work breakdown structures, performance analytics, and more. They can also be customized for best practices. Furthermore, Mavenlink goes beyond project management to include resource management and business intelligence. The software also provides collaboration tools and tailored training. If you have a complex project that requires detailed information, Mavenlink will help you find it.


Whether you need a comprehensive planning tool or just a quick overview, Scoro can help you achieve your goals. Its powerful CRM features allow you to track and manage leads and customers while overseeing sales. The company-wide rolodex also helps you manage clients. Moreover, Scoro’s budgeting tools let you compare budgets with actual invoices and ensure you’re on track to reach sales targets.

For the most part, Scoro can manage unlimited projects. Its powerful project management features allow you to assign tasks to team members, track time, manage budgets, and manage your project portfolio through configurable statuses and tags. With its customizable planner, you can see your workload, potential overbooking, and available slots. You can also track project team members and communicate progress with them. It also helps you to manage time and resources efficiently.

Scoro is an excellent choice for collaborative project management. With its task management features, you can easily share files and communicate with your team. Scoro also has an import and upload feature that lets you share files with your team. Scoro also has an integrated commenting system, which helps you exchange ideas and stay on track of your project. Its advanced collaboration and communication tools are another plus. You can share documents and comments with team members and access project-related documents anytime, anywhere.

For larger businesses, Scoro offers tiered pricing plans with different levels of features. The Essential Plan costs $26 per user per month. Essential Plan features include project management tools, task list, calendar, contacts, and quotes. Users can also set permission levels for different team members to ensure they’re working on the right tasks. Scoro’s Advanced Plan has advanced tools and features. If you’re considering Scoro, consider checking out its free trial.


The best part of Workfront project planning tools is that it enables strategic work management, thereby accelerating execution and delivering more projects on time. Project management is typically reactive, requiring imperfect information and poor visibility into the status of existing projects. Workfront’s collaborative features make it easy to collaborate with teams around the world, ensuring that critical information is passed on between team members. Workfront’s collaboration tools make it easy for teams to stay informed about project status.

In addition to its collaborative project planning features, Workfront has an extensive database. It supports over eighty standard reports and continuously supplies reliable data for each. Its automation tools ease the workload of your team by placing information in project templates automatically, eliminating a step in the project planning process. Its project dashboards and reports help managers keep track of the status of the entire project. The Gantt chart in Workfront makes it easy for managers to view and compare information.

Workfront’s app allows team members to access a list of tasks and their priorities. Managers can update these tasks and reassign them to team members according to their availability. Its custom forms and automated request queues help set up projects in motion and delegate tasks to team members. Workfront can also track expenditures. The tool helps teams compare tasks and profit margins. You can also integrate other services, such as Microsoft Teams and Salesforce, into your Workfront account.

Besides the business plan, Workfront offers free trial versions of its software. Depending on your requirements, Workfront offers four different pricing plans. Collaboration is the cheapest plan and is designed for small to medium-sized enterprises. This plan includes resources, global demand management, and alignment scorecards. It also supports unlimited proofs and gives access to all Workfront apps. However, it is recommended that your company opt for the enterprise plan as it offers higher configurability, support, and data security.


Slack can be an excellent project planning tool, especially if you’re working with a team that’s spread out across different locations. The ability to share high-definition visuals allows you to communicate and share information in real time. In Slack, you can also assign tasks to team members and set deadlines for completion. Slack also acts as a knowledge base, so team members can refer to it for any information they need.

Trello can be used to streamline your workflows and tasks. It is suitable for all kinds of users and allows you to accurately plan your resources. You can add your Trello cards to boards in Slack with Trello integration. You can also automatically preview cards in Slack. It’s a great tool to manage your projects and team members. It has a clean interface and helps your team communicate more efficiently.

One of the key benefits of using Slack as a project planning tool is its easy integration with other productivity and project management tools. Trello, Google Drive, To Do, and AltSuite all integrate with Slack. There are even some non-project management tools that you can integrate into Slack. You can even organize your conference attendees by theme or session to stay organized. You’ll have access to all the latest updates on your projects, so you can easily review the progress of your team and assess the overall performance of your project.

Slack has several useful features that make it a versatile tool for team collaboration. You can set up teams in channels to share information and files. For project teams, you can create a channel for each team member or department, and a single team channel is enough for beginners. However, you can also create private channels for key team members, allowing them to share information with each other privately. This will ensure transparency and a searchable archive for all information.

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