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Office chairs that cause back pain

If you find discomfort and annoyance while sitting for long hours of the day? Then your chair might be the reason behind it. While sitting on a poor-quality office chair will cause you back pain, body stress, and strains. It is ideal for changing your regular office chair into an ergonomic office chair that is designed according to specifications and functionalities. That can be adjustable and customized according to your requirements and needs.

Office plus. ae is one of the office furniture Dubai manufacturers. Our every style and design of ergonomic office chair is versatile in functions and spec—our team of professional artisans design every product with keen observation and consideration.

Following are some basic guidelines every customer needs to take while purchasing ergonomic office chairs.

The most conventional approach sellers used.

While shopping, many customers choose an office chair by its specifications, irrespective of whether these functions are helpful for them or not. And some customers sit for 5 minutes on every chair available on the floor. According to them, they check which chair is most comfortable for them, but in reality, they cannot realize the basic modes and functionalities every chair offers. It is ideal to choose a chair that can be modified or adjusted according to your requirements and needs.

Following are some pro tips to find out the best office chair that suits you perfectly.

Height of the seat

While you are looking for different models of chairs, it is a simple tip on choosing the most suitable chair for you. That matches your height. It’s simpler to stand in front of a chair and adjust its seat height below your knees than sit on it with a straight back. While keeping your foot flat on the ground, adjust its seat height. Through this, you will be able to get a comfortable seat height.

Adjustment of the seat pan

This function may look unneeded, but it plays an important role. If you can place your clenched fist between your knee and your seat edge, it is the ideal seat height. Taller consumers require more distance between back support and your seat, whereas smaller height people require a small distance.

Lumbar support function

Many customers prefer to purchase office chairs with a lumbar support system, but few of them are utilizing it. The ideal posture with excellent lumbar support allows you to have a natural spine curve.

Office plus. ae provide customization in design and style for every office furniture. Our complete office furniture collection is exclusive in quality and structure.

Armrest adjustment

Though purchasing an office chair can be pretty tricky to choose. But make sure to select an office chair with armrest adjustment as it minimizes the pressure on your arms and wrist, which is coming along from the shoulders and back.

Headrest function

Many executive chairs are not fully functional to have headrest adjustment. But some of the exclusive chairs include a headrest. If you have a chair that includes a headrest rest, it will help you maintain a proper eye level with the desktop. It will help you have a proper posture that will support your neck and head. This function will reduce the strain or pressure on the shoulders and back.

Final thoughts

If you are the one who has already tried all tips and tricks but still nothing is working for you. You are unable to find the perfect chair for you. Then we are here office plus. ae provide customized office chairs designed as per your requirements and specifications. Our team of professional and expert artisans design and exclusively manufacture style of office chairs for our delighted customers. That fits their requirement entirely and give them comfort and ease.

Office plus. ae is one of the office furniture Abu Dhabi manufacturers. Our complete collection of ergonomic office furniture is versatile in design. We offer full colors and size customization. We not only manufacture office furniture, but we provide complete design consultation to our customers. So that you can get your dream chair, you can place your order on our online store. We provide express delivery of office furniture in Dubai within a day.

Choosing the right furniture is of utmost importance, as it can determine employee productivity and influence your business’s success. Office plus provides services that make sure your workplace is comfortable and suits your needs.

If you are interested in redesigning your office or creating a new one, then MAKE SURE TO CONTACT OFFICE PLUS AND OFFICE FURNITURE DUBAI.


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