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Number Masking Guide, Benefits, Features and Working

In recent times, the conversation around privacy and data protection has gained large momentum. More penetration of digital and connectedness amongst people and businesses has only led to more people wanting to protect their data and on a more basic level mobile phone numbers. This need for individuals turned into a need for businesses in no time. Hence, the service of mobile number masking is being provided by cloud communication providers. 

Let’s understand what essentially is Number Masking is before we get onto understanding the various benefits it has for a business, the features it entails, and how it works.

What is Number Masking?

In number masking, communication is made anonymous between customers and businesses/vendors in order to safeguard their phone numbers. Hence, on the mobile phones of both parties, the number of the other party isn’t displayed. Rather, another proxy number is displayed. This is done via a third-party proxy phone number, which is essentially bridging the call. Through Number/Call Masking, the privacy of both the customers and business representatives is protected. 

How does Mobile Number Masking work?

Number Masking may work differently across different service providers. However, this is how the most basic solutions work- 

First, the customer or business representative makes a call via the application. Then the call is transferred via the application’s server. The phone number of the caller party is replaced with a proxy number. The called party then receives the call from a masked phone number. Both the parties interact freely without sharing their contact details. 

Where is Number Masking deployed?

There are numerous places where Number Masking is used. This usage has only gotten better with more prevalence of e-commerce companies, the gig economy, and services like food delivery, cab, etc. Hence for a business to ensure seamless communication between the business and customers, it is important for a business to deploy Number Masking. 


  • Makes Customers feel safe and trust the business- In the whole conversation around security, Number Masking makes customers feel safe. There is no number exchange occurring between customers and business representatives. Businesses can ensure that there is a seamless exchange between businesses and customers.
  • Prove Data Security – Number Masking ensures that the data of customers is not linked to their phone number. Also, since a lot of other services in current times are accessed via phone numbers, through the number masking solution businesses can ensure they can protect customer data. Businesses can ensure that their agents cannot access the personal data of customers and “lock” their database too.
  • Track & Monitor Conversations – A business can ensure that they can track and manage the customer interactions because most solutions provide a panel that gives access to information regarding these calls. Through the Number Masking Solution itself, businesses can manage their agent productivity. 
  • Ensure Smooth Conversation – Number Masking ensures that customers can comfortably contact a business for support, inquiries, etc. without worrying about any data leak. Customers can freely call a delivery provider to know the whereabouts of their orders.
  • Cost-Effective – The solution of Number Masking is cost-effective and its benefits outweigh the minimal costs. Since the solution is cloud-based, there is no intensive infrastructure setup and cost involved. Hence even new-age start-ups can deploy it in their operations.

There are various benefits of Number Masking for a business of all sizes. In the age of heightened data security and privacy, it is of utmost importance that a business uses solutions like Number Masking to make their customers feel safe and ensure a seamless flow of customer conversations. With Number Masking, a business can ensure that their customers don’t have to think twice about calling them for support, product inquires, grievances, etc. This solution would essentially then work towards helping the company have a customer-centric strategy and boost its growth trajectory.

There are a number of Cloud Communication Companies that provide the Number Masking Solution. Knowlarity is one of the most dependable providers of cloud communication solutions including Number Masking. Their Number Masking service is used by top companies in industries like E-Commerce, Sales, Logistics, and Food Delivery. The service is cost-effective and robust. Businesses of all sizes can get the Number Masking Solution for their business without burning a hole in their pocket. 


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