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No fears, no tears, it’s New Year, say Cheers!

The new year is one of the days celebrated by the entire world. It’s not just a day, and it’s a beginning, it’s an end, it’s remembering and forgetting, it’s making up and breaking up, it’s leaving and catching, it’s everything that you can imagine. New year, as soon as the clock strikes midnight after the 31st of December, a wave of hope and positivity gets flown from the skies to the world and all the people living in it.

The new year is the start of all the good you’ve planned for yourself and all the good you’re doing in life. Every new year is an opportunity for another level of newness, a newness that also comes with a pinch of motivation. We look forward to a new year and make sure we bring new changes to better our lives. 

We plan parties and different ways of celebrating the new year. We organize games, invite family and friends, party with our peers, decorate our homes, make resolutions, reconnect with the lost contacts by wishing a happy new year, and get new year cakes and new year drinks; everything feels new on this day. It’s just not a date that changes in the calendar, and it opens the door to a lot of changes for a person.

We look forward to newness, inspiration, and positivity as the new year arrives by forgetting or let-going what has happened in the past. The memories we don’t want to keep. 

Sometimes you want to wish a happy new year to people who are physically away from you, and these people might be in a different city, state, or country.

To make your presence felt, you’d use the online delivery services to send cakes, flowers, or gifts, to remind the person that no matter how many years come and go, they’ll always be a part of your life, and you’ll never forget them.

These online services are a boon, and you can now choose online cake delivery in Mumbai to online cake delivery in Mississippi, all of it in a single tap of your finger.  

Though the new year is a very special day, the major celebrations happen on new year’s eve. New year’s eve is when everyone goes wild with celebrations and happiness, and everyone has a party on their minds.

Couples welcome the new year with a kiss, friends pop the champagne, family hugs each other, and colleagues raise a toast. Everyone has their way of celebrating new year’s eve. Well, are some of the things you can do to celebrate your new year in the unique way ever. 

  1. Props no-flop: Create a photo booth for the people coming to attend your new year’s eve party, and get quirky, funny, sarcastic, and savage props to get their pictures clicked with. There are a lot of cool props available in the markets these days, and you can go and get your hands on a few. Also, give a cool theme to your photo booth. People would love to capture those fun memories with even funnier props at the new year’s eve party organized by you.
  2. Road mode: Plan a road trip somewhere with your family, friends, or both. Go to a destination where you’ll get a lot of time to spend with each other, talk to each other, make games to play, carry board games, a good collection of dance and singing numbers. A new year’s eve party with the most special people in your life is the best thing you can do on a day like that.
  3. Pyjama Party: Dressing up amazingly and going to a club or other party is cliché. Why not rent a stay somewhere and jointly organize a pajama party with your friends. Call them all wearing night-suits or cool pajamas and t-shirts. Comfort can be the most fun thing, and that you’ll realize once you throw a pajama party on new year’s eve.
  4. Write it right: Organise the new year’s eve party at your home, get a few whiteboard markers, get a big whiteboard, and ask your friends and family to write two of their happiest and saddest moments from the previous year. Then read aloud everything written on the board. This would be a nice way of communicating and a mindful way of celebrating new year’s eve where you look back at the memories and still choose to move on. Now start talking about the most embarrassing things that happened to you in the previous year. It would lighten the mood and watch only laughter echoing through the walls like nothing else.

The coming of the first day of a new year is special, but more special than that is new year’s eve because it’s the new year’s eve that pulls you into the mood of celebration. It pulls you to the vibe of a party and prepares your mind for some harmless fun. The points mentioned above would make a new year’s eve worth celebrating, and that too in a very different way.


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