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MNX Schedule Today, Serials List : Serials Timing Today

MNX is a television channel broadcasting in India. Movies Now 2 was released in June 2016. It was relaunched as MNX channel in July 2017, with a concentration on Hollywood films. It has content licensing from Universal Studios, Walt Disney Studios, Marvel Studios, 20th Century Studios, Warner Bros., and Paramount Pictures, as well as exclusive content licensing from MGM films.

MNX Schedule Today :

he Boxer From Shantung 10:56:00 PM A boxer decides to leave his life of poverty behind. He travels to Shanghai but finds himself entangled in a world of criminal activity where his only weapon is his fighting technique.
Marco Polo 12:45:00 AM Marco Polo, a Venetian merchant and adventurer, travels across Europe and Asia and ends himself imprisoned in the court of Kublai Khan, a Mongolian ruler from the 13th century.
Fly Me To The Moon 02:18:00 AM Carrio, Galileo, and Jacko board a spaceship that transports them to a parallel universe. They quickly discover that it is up to them to save everyone from imminent peril.
Love Is In The Air 04:00:00 AM Antoine, a New York lawyer, is in France for the final round of a job interview. He is sitting next to Julie, his ex-girlfriend, on the trip, with whom he must have an awkward talk.
Fallen 05:40:00 AM
Where’d You Go, Bernadette 07:15:00 AM Bernadette was a gifted architect before deciding to become a recluse in order to focus on her family. She despises people beyond everything else and despises leaving her residence. Bernadette, on the other hand, vanishes before a family vacation and seeks to reconnect with her dreams as everyone else looks for her.
Be Cool 09:20:00 AM Chili Palmer (John Travolta) throws up his filmmaking profession after being pressured to make a picture he doesn’t believe in in the sequel to ‘Get Shorty.’ Chili offers his widow Edie Athens (Uma Thurman) assistance in running the record business when his friend Tommy Athens (James Woods), a music producer, dies. Chili then pursues a career in music with the help of Linda Moon (Christina Milian), a singer and songwriter. However, he is threatened by the Russian mafia and a rapper that the Athens owe money to, and he also has to deal with the producers with whom Linda has a contract. Chili’s musical career has taken him on a wild path.where he manages to get Linda to perform with America’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band ‘Aerosmith’.
Two Champions Of Shaolin 11:17:00 AM Members of the Wu Tang, who specialise in throwing knives, injure Tung, a Shaolin warrior. He receives specialised training in order to learn how to combat his foes. Tung is able to master all of the essential skills and defend himself against the Wu Tang gang in his next fight. Tung’s worst nightmare, however, comes true when his fiancee is murdered by the Wu Tang clan. Tung has given up hope, but top Shaolin fighters arrive to assist him in his fight against the Wu Tang clan.
Who Am I 01:00:00 PM An amnesiac is wrongfully convicted of murder and must race against the clock to clear his reputation before the cops capture him.
The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug 02:47:00 PM Thorin Oakenshield, the captain of the Company of Dwarves, is persuaded by Gandalf, the wizard, to obtain the Arkenstone in order to unite the dwarves. Along with Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the Grey, the dwarves begin their journey to recover Erebor, their homeland, from Smaug, the ferocious dragon. Bilbo Baggins possesses a mysterious and supernatural ring. Meanwhile, Gandalf advises that reclaiming the jewel from Smaug may necessitate the use of a stealthy burglar.
Kung Fu Killer 05:21:00 PM Crane is a monk and a martial arts specialist whose calm life is upended when Kahn Xin and his mercenaries assault his temple and kill his guru. Crane infiltrates the Shanghai underground to avenge his murder, where he meets Jane Marshall, a lounge singer from Brooklyn. Jane is on the lookout for her brother, who is being held captive by Kahn. Crane teams up with Jane to get access to Kahn’s inner circle, realising that Kahn’s wicked schemes are rather intricate and vast. Crane’s conflict becomes a moral one as they continue their goal to destroy and kill Kahn, as he is caught between his gentle Wudang upbringing and the cold-blooded life of an assassin.
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning 07:11:00 PM Luc Deveraux, the man who murdered John’s wife and children, is the target of John’s vengeance. Meanwhile, Deveraux and Andrew, a soldier, are preparing to establish a new system ruled by Universal Soldiers.
Alien Vs Ninja 09:00:00 PM When a troop of ninja warriors led by Yamata arrive at a crash scene, they uncover the mangled dead of other ninja soldiers and embark on a search for the perpetrators.
Lake Placid: Legacy 10:21:00 PM A group of explorers set out to discover the mysteries of an abandoned institution. They are dragged into a life-or-death encounter with a deadly predator once inside the facility.



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