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Lear Capital Reputation and Reviews

Investments can be a risky thing if you don’t know what you’re doing or who you’re investing in. Stocks can crash if the company isn’t strong enough to navigate a potentially volatile economy. Inflation can make stocks plummet, which can cost you time and money. 

One of the ways investors hedge against inflation and potential market crashes is to create an investment portfolio that is diverse. Diversity in investment ensures that when one of your investments fails, you won’t lose your entire portfolio in one fail swoop. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a mix of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and commodity investments. 

Commodity investments, like precious metals, are a great way to diversify your investments and protect them from things like inflation and market crashes. There are tons of dealers and custodians of precious metals that can help you start your gold or silver investment journey. 

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of con artists out there in precious metal investment. Scammers often claim they’re from a reputable institution to gain money or personal information from their victims. That’s why it’s so important to check out and vet every person and company claiming to sell gold, silver, or other precious metals. 

The good news is that Lear Capital doesn’t appear to be one of those scammers. Based on Lear Capital reviews, customers are happy and satisfied with their work. Here’s what customers are saying about Lear Capital and the services they provide. 


Based on a number of customer reviews, customers appear to be overwhelmingly satisfied with their service. The staff has been friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable about all aspects of precious metal investments. In fact, most customers have given Lear Capital four- or five-star reviews for their excellent service. 

While there are some poor reviews from angry or dissatisfied customers, these appear to be few and far between. Believe it or not, it’s actually normal for a company in business for as long as they have to have a few dissatisfied customers. I’d be concerned the reviews were bought or faked to make the company look better. A few negative reviews are actually normal because no matter how hard companies try, sometimes you can’t please everyone. 

Since they’ve also been in business for over twenty years, that leads me to believe that they’re not a scammer. If they were scammers, they’d never stay in business as long as they have. There would be too many customer complaints and lawsuits for that to even be feasible. 

And since the customer reviews are boasting praise about the staff’s friendliness and knowledge, it’s another indication that you’re in good hands. Knowledgeable staff means that you’ll be in good hands when it comes to investing in something you may not know about. 

For more information about scoring a company’s reputation, follow the link. 

Options and services they provide

Options and services they provide

If you’re interested in planning for your retirement and investing in gold or silver, Lear Capital can help you invest in a gold or silver IRA. It’s similar to a regular IRA account but instead of money, it’s gold or silver you’re putting into the account. It’s a great way to collect money for your retirement. 

If you have an existing, regular IRA, the team at Lear Capital can help roll it over into a gold or silver IRA. That way your retirement fund is all in one account instead of multiple accounts. Or if you want to keep your existing IRA, you can always open a new IRA for gold or silver. 

If you want to invest in gold coins or bullion, Lear Capital can help you do that too. Coins are highly collectible and a lot of people enjoy collecting different coins from different countries and letting them increase in value over years. Coins are also good because they don’t require separate storage, unlike a gold or silver IRA. 

In a gold or silver IRA, you have to keep your physical gold or silver in a separate, secure location. A custodian is in charge of keeping your investment safe. The reason you can’t keep it in your house is that it’s considered a withdrawal from your IRA account and the IRS can fine you for withdrawing your money too early. 

For more information about precious metal investing, click here

Things to consider before investing 

While their reviews are great, it’s still a good idea to call and talk to the staff at Lear Capital. That way you’ll get a much better indication of their skill and personability than you would from their reviews or this article. What might be great for someone else, doesn’t mean they’ll be a great option for you. Everyone is different, so it’s best to take into account your individual needs first.


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