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Lamps and the Right Choices You Need To Know About

Now that you’ve picked out the perfect paint and carpet colors, arranged the furniture, and found the perfect end tables, you’re almost done! Lighting, on the other hand, should not be ignored since it is so critical in any room. A room’s windows, chandeliers, or other sources of overhead illumination may make you think it has enough light; yet, every room still needs lights. Why? With its pleasant glow, table lamps are ideal for tasks like reading as well as providing task illumination for other activities. As with above illumination, table lamps have the ability to aid in chores such as cooking and cleaning.

There is a more laid-back feel to the lamps in this room. Ceramics, wood, metal, or even glass may be used to make them. The furniture in this area is likely to be larger, more comfy, and more durable than the furniture in the living room, therefore the lighting should reflect that. As a result, this area is more often used than the living room. The sunset lamp is essential there.

In a dining room, lamps are often exhibited on a sideboard. Slender, more elongated lampshades complement sideboards best. The mirror or artwork over your sideboard should not be obscured by whatever you choose to display there. It’s important to leave enough of room in your serving dish for the turkey and the rest of the traditional Thanksgiving fare.

Size of the Lamp

As a rule of thumb, table lamps should be placed at eye level or somewhat lower, depending on where they’ll be used. It’s critical to achieve a balance between the lamp’s size and the rest of the room’s decor.

Between 19 and 21 inches above the mattress, the height of a bedside lamp should match that of the bedside table. As with any other room in the house, avoid looking directly at the light source in the bedroom. It’s best to have a sideboard that is at least 34 or 36 inches tall in your dining area.

Tips for Buying a Lamp

  • A lamp that complements the decor of the room is an excellent investment.
  • At the same height as your eyes, the shade of your light should be.
  • Make it a priority to keep all of the lights in a room at the same height.
  • To make room for your favorite lamp, consider relocating it to a shorter stand or table. To raise the light, place a few books on the floor below it.
  • Lamps positioned on each side of a sofa don’t have to be exactly same to look beautiful; all you need to do is make sure their heights are equal.

You should always bring your lamp with you while shopping for a new shade or replacing an old one since there are so many various kinds and measurements of lampshades available.

Consider These Five Tips When Buying a Lampshade

The lamp shade should be at least as wide as the broadest part of the lamp, and it may be as wide as two times the widest part.


The shade’s height should be between 40% and 60% of the lamp’s overall height. The shade of a lamp that stands 30 inches tall might be 13 inches wide. If you buy a lamp without a shade, you’ll usually get a harp. Your shade must be at least an inch and a half taller than the harp. Light bulbs and shades should be separated by at least 2 to 3 inches. Choose a shade that goes well with the foundation’s mood.


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