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Journey of leather jackets to reach your closet!


When people buy leather jackets for men in the USA they check their appearance, features, and prices. That’s all and they hang them in their closet. How exciting it is to know from which phases your jacket passed before reaching you! If your jacket has a strong background you’ll feel good with it. Moreover, you’ll have confidence in your dressing style. 

So, are you ready to know the journey of your jacket from the time when it was just animal skin to an attractive finished structure? We have been working in the leather jacket industry for a long time. Moreover, we have done deep research about various aspects involved in its manufacturing. 

So, in this article, we’ll discuss the journey of leather jackets in the USA with authentic information. Let’s see.

We’ll consider all the stages for pure leather jackets as they are mostly required these days. The first step is the collection of materials. Cow leather and lambskin are common types used to create leather jackets. 

Lambskin is considered more expensive than cow leather. It’s popular due to its significant softness giving the wearer much comfort. It gains special value due to the small size of raw skin. Cow leather is much popular due to its durability. So, the leather jacket that’s designed due to it will stay worth wearing for a long time. 

Some brands also consider calfskin. It’s a leather variety gaining beneficial properties of both types of leather we discussed just now. It’s soft like lambskin but stronger than cow leather. It’s even more expensive than lambskin because a fully-grown cow offers more skin than a baby cow.

So, that was about the main step involving the collection of material. The other things include buttons, zips, threads, e.t.c. 

After refining the skin to the best form to be useable for stitching it’s up to the designer how he turned out a rough skin into such an exciting wearable piece. 

You’ll be surprised to know that the men’s Leather jackets ranging from high to low rates are frequently manufactured in the same way. But it causes confusion as then what makes less expensive jackets different from expensive ones? Well, the most considerable factor deciding the price of any jacket is the quality of leather used in its manufacturing. Some workers rework leather with faux leather grains. You can easily determine the difference between the one not reworked and the other. The leather that has not been reworked is oily and soft with uneven texture while the other has a plastic feel. 

Now we’ll show you the stitching and design of leather jackets. Lower-end jackets are simpler to be designed. They don’t require many pieces to cut and sew. Workers don’t make much effort on it. That makes them cheaper compared to other jackets requiring effort to be stitched.

Some brands offer two linings on jackets, one for the body and one specifically for the sleeve. The best quality lining is designed from breathable material. Higher armholes are made to give you comfortable movement and the best fitting overall. Top-quality leather jackets are often designed with two-way zippers to boost comfort when the wearer is sitting down. This way you can unzip the jacket from both the top and bottom. Most leather jackets consider YKK zippers, but high-end jackets often offer RiRi zippers or custom-made, heavy-duty zippers that are of better quality having fewer chances to break as compared to YKK zippers.

So, that was about general stitching made in factories to give structure to pieces of leather. There are many other aspects involved in designing leather jackets. Some pieces are given unexpected cuts while some are embellished with buttons (you may find more embellishment in women’s jackets; leather jackets for men gain value due to their stitching level boosting stylish cuts). Some jackets are designed with asymmetrical zips just specified to enhance their appearance. Some may also gain value due to attractive stickers on them. Few jackets also have catchy captions on them. 

After designing they are carefully given a finishing touch to be offered in the market. Same designs are introduced in many sizes and colors. Black leather jackets are going common. You can consider them your best choice. But search over on the internet for the brands offering color customization to consider them your preference as everyone loves getting its outfit in its loving color. Some brands like Leatheriza Affinity also offer customization in sizes so you’ll have perfect fitness in the leather jacket.

After getting a large collection of jackets from the factory, brands showcase them in different ways. Offering online shopping is common these days so people will not feel any problem reaching the desired shop. You should also consider which brand is offering discounts, and offers to make that your preferred choice.

Then, you buy the specific jacket from a large variety and hang it in your closet to wonder everyone about your appearance at the next event. 

So, that was all about the journey of the men’s leather jacket. We hope you have loved the article.

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