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J & B Buffalo Turf Supplies and How to Start Your Own Turf Supply Company

Sir Walter Buffalo is one of the most popular quick lawn and turf kinds grown by J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies. The Muscats, a J&B family, have been farming in Hawkesbury since 1963 and in the turf industry since 1988. J&B Buffalo cultivates turf on more than 200 acres in four distinct locations throughout Sydney’s Hawkesbury district. Buffalo Turf is positioned on the Hawkesbury/Nepean River, which provides us with a plentiful amount of water, which is essential when cultivating high-quality turf from seed.

What Makes J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies the Best in Australia?

  • Turf is only grown to the highest standards of quality, purity, and perfection. Only the very best will suffice.
  • J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies have the most up-to-date machinery to ensure that the Turf is delivered to you in the finest possible shape.
  • We may also make Maxi Rolls, which come in handy when laying out huge regions.
  • J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies is a market leader, and we currently sell Turf throughout Australia, as well as supplying producers in Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria.
  • J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies are often offered new kinds due to our position as a leader in the Turf market. You can trust that specialists know exactly what you’re looking for and that we’re up to speed on the latest trends.
  • J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies have one of the most diverse Turf types available. There isn’t just one type of Buffalo; there is one that is right for you.

What is the best way to establish a lawn supply company?

If you know how to develop grass and are willing to labor outside in all types of weather, a turf supply business could be the appropriate fit for you. Check out this step-by-step guide to beginning and running your own lawn supply company.

  • Do some market research on your intended audience.
  • Create profiles for your customers.
  • Make a decision about the services you’ll provide.
  • Production of turf
  • Turf varieties
  • Policy on pricing
  • Purchase an established company.

Demand forecasting

It’s critical to determine whether there is sufficient local demand for your turf supply company. Be aware that the turf supply industry is highly competitive, which is exacerbated during economic downturns and slumps in the property market. You’ll be up against not only tiny, local businesses, but also national turf farms that are eager to take orders from all across the country. Many turf vendors now offer online sales with next-day delivery as a guarantee. The market for general-purpose turf, which is sold by numerous non-specialists such as garden centers, builder’s stores, and DIY sheds, is highly competitive.

Make a decision about the services you’ll provide

You could provide a variety of services to your consumers, including the following:

  • Pre-cut grass sales from your depot are available for cash and carry. Make sure there isn’t too much turf cut that will go to waste if you only have a few consumers.
  • site visits to assess and choose the most appropriate solution for your customer’s needs
  • If it’s a large order, you might not charge for delivery to the customer’s location.
  • installation (turfing) at the customer’s location Watering, mowing, and repair work is examples of aftercare.
  • stripping old turf, excavating or rotovating the soil, fertilizing, and raking You may be in charge of ordering topsoil, landscaping, and installing irrigation and drainage systems at times.
  • Customers who want to prepare the site themselves can rent turf-stripping machinery.

Conclusion:- Some of these services may be provided in-house, while others may be outsourced to another company. For lengthier deliveries, for example, you could find it more cost advantageous to hire a professional like J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies rather than maintaining your own fleet of vehicles (and drivers).


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