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Is it possible to measure inductors with a multimeter?

No inductors can be measured with a conventional multimeter. However, corresponding professional devices are offered in the trade, which are also suitable for this use.

Analog or digital? Which multimeter is suitable for beginners?

Analog and digital multimeters differ in the type of display. While in analog models the value must be read over a scale,summit e 670 review in a digital multimeter it is displayed on a digital display. For beginners and inexperienced users, using a digital multimeter is therefore much easier than reading the value using a needle. In addition, the display of the digital multimeter has a higher accuracy and errors in reading can be avoided.

Which measurement categories are distinguished for multimeters?

The measurement categories (also called safety categories) show for which applications the multimeter is suitable. A distinction is made between the measurement categories CAT I, CAT II, CAT III and CAT IV.

What functions are required for a multimeter?

The basic functions of a multimeter include the measurement of voltage, current and resistance. Depending on the model, the multimeters have other functions, such as a continuity tester, temperature meter or frequency meter. For private use, a multimeter with the most important basic functions is usually sufficient.

Which measuring ranges are possible for the various measurements with the KAIWEETS Digital Multimeter KM100?

With the KAIWEETS Digital Multimeter KM100, the following measuring ranges are possible:infrared thermometers DC voltage measurement from 200 mV to 600 V, AC voltage measurement from 20 V to 600 V, DC measurement from 20 mA to 10 A and resistance measurement from 200 ohms to 20 mOhm.

Which grades did the individual multimeters receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal multimeter test winner from the following list:

First place – good: AM33D by AstroAI – exemplary Internet price: 12 Euro

Second place – good: MS8233D from Crenova – exemplary Internet price: 27 Euro

Third place – good: EM393 by Hama – exemplary Internet price: 19 Euro

Fourth place – good: Multimeter by Ueznirn – exemplary Internet price: 23 Euro

Fifth place – good: Digital Multimeter from Kuman – exemplary Internet price: 31 Euro

Sixth place – good: 101 ESP from Fluke – exemplary Internet price: 110 Euro

Seventh place – good: ASIDM130B from AstroAI – exemplary Internet price: 17 Euro

Eighth place – good: Digital Multimeter KM100 from KAIWEETS – exemplary Internet price: 16 Euro

Ninth place – good: DM101 from Plusivo – exemplary Internet price: 13 Euro

Tenth place – good: DM60091 from Preciva – exemplary Internet price: 20 Euro

The grading distribution of the multimeter manufacturers shows that the products are exclusively 6 multimeters with the grade “very good” and 13 multimeters with the grade “good”.

Two manufacturers are represented in the multimeter comparison with more than just one product. Both AstroAI and KAIWEETS offer “good” and “very good” multimeters.

What number of manufacturers and different products is compared in a multimeter comparison?

The editorial team has examined a total of 19 multimeters from 12 well-known brands, evaluated them, and compiled them for you in a clear product table.

Within what price range is the multimeters from the product comparison?

For a multimeter, you can spend between 219.10 euros and 11.99 euros. Which multimeter you choose in the end, however, should not only depend on the price, but also on the product characteristics.


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