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Invisible Braces | How They Work & What They Cost

You have to wear Invisible braces but for aesthetic reasons, do you hesitate? Well, know that a simple solution exists for you, it is Invisible braces. An option that can be expensive and require the costs to be covered by Ensmile.

Aligners or aligners are removable devices based on the very old principle of elastodontics. It is indeed a question of obtaining small dental displacements thanks to the elasticity of an Invisible Braces in plastic material “molded” on a reference model.

The number of Invisible Braces for treatment will directly depend on the complexity of the dental movements to be performed.
Each aligners represents the breakdown of tooth movements needed to achieve the desired alignment. The Invisible Braces are worn 24 hours a day except during meals and are changed after two to three weeks. It is not uncommon to have more than 50 Invisible Braces for treatment.

Invisible Braces

The main specificity of Invisible Braces is to be invisible. Unlike a conventional brace, whose bands are placed in front of the teeth, where they are hidden behind the teeth.

As effective as the traditional device, called “vestibular”, the lingual device, therefore, has the added advantage of being concealed. Moreover, there are many similarities between the two methods. In both cases, the duration of treatment is between 18 and 36 months, during which several appointments are scheduled between the orthodontist and the patient to ensure proper follow-up. Similarly, after removing the device, there must still be a period of contention, that is to say, a stabilization phase in order to ensure that the results obtained are maintained.

How did it work?
We take 3D impressions of your mouth from which we reproduce your teeth in 3D. Ensmile works meticulously, on this simulation, the movements of your teeth in order to obtain a perfect and entirely personalized result. Once the expected result has been obtained, we launch the manufacture of the gutters.

You will change aligners every week: it is the sequential change of the gutters that allow dental movements. Aligners or aligners are removable devices based on the very old principle of elastodontics.
The appointments are spaced out: we will see each other every 2 months.

Why choose Invisible braces?
– An almost invisible and easy-to-live treatment,
– the aligners are removed during meals: oral hygiene is facilitated and you run less risk for your enamel and your gums,
– no brackets that rub against the cheeks and the lips: the treatment is very comfortable.

What are the disadvantages of the Invisible Braces appliance?

Despite the obvious aesthetic advantage that Invisible braces provide, there are also some shortcomings.

For example, the adaptation period is longer than with a vestibular device, because of the location of the rings, which can irritate the tongue. Small speech problems can also appear temporarily for this same reason.

But above all, what poses a problem with the lingual device is its price, which can be in the range of150000k! If it is possible to reduce the bill by wearing the device only on the upper or lower jaw, its price is still higher than the classic device. And unfortunately, this care is very poorly reimbursed by social security.

Invisible Braces Cost in Pakistan:

It is better to know it from the start: Invisible braces are expensive. These devices are indeed expensive. However, it is difficult to give a single price, because the devices are tailor-made. Braces price in Pakistan device can therefore vary according to:

  • Manufacturer’s price
  • The price charged by the orthodontist
  • The materials used
  • The duration of treatment
  • The number of visits to the specialist needed

To give an idea, it takes about 150000K for Invisible Braces. This is much more than for other more traditional devices.


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