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Instagram Videos, Images, or Carousel, which one is best?

A high engagement rate is the dream of every business and influencer. For this, they even buy real instagram likes uk but other than that, which sort of content gets more likes and engagement? It creates little confusion among the business and users,

Instagram has many features like posts, carousels, videos, stories, etc. On which you need to concentrate on getting users’ attention. You can download all instagram videos, images by using one of the best Instagram story viewer tool igstoryviewer.

Why does it become a necessary need to get a high interaction ratio?

Instagram is the foundation of any business branding. If you do not have this photo-sharing application profile, you are not even in the race. Today buyers always look for Instagram recommendations and accounts before making a buying decision.

If you have a profile on Instagram, but the result is undesirable, then what to do. Why is it not easy to create your presence on the handle? It is due to the saturation of business on this platform. There are about 25 M Businesses has their account on this digital platform. So making your way among them is not an easy job to do. BUT! There is a solution. Why do not you work on the engagement rate?

How to Bring Engagement?

Now, most of you must be wondering and searching for the means to bring engagement to your profile? There are countless means of making:

  • IG post
  • videos
  • carousels

Do you again get confused? What to choose and what not to pick?

Instagram has evolved to be the kind o post users can share on the news feed. From carousels posts to single images to videos.

But what sort of content is perfect when you talk about bringing engagement to the account?

So, in the current section, you will study the interaction and what post is best for your profile.


What kind of Feed Post Bring more engagement?

If you study the data from 1ST JAN 2021 to 28th Feb 2022, it showed that about 44 M feed content (excluding reels):

  • Carousel posts contain the highest avg engagement ratio of all post forms.
  • Photos have a little higher avg interaction ratio than video posts, excluding Reels.

Here is the avg engagement rate:

  • carousel: 3.11%
  • video: 2.76%
  • post: 2,60%

But the percentage has always been the same?

For this, let us study one more stat. As per the survey where they analyse about 37M feed (content from 2020):

  • Carousel: about 4.5%
  • Images: 3.5%
  • Videos :about 4 %

As you anyone checks, there are 2 main insights:

  • Avg engagement ration have reduced for all post kind over time
  • Carousel content has always had the top avg interaction rates of all post forms

So, what do you find from these stats?

It shows that from 2020 till now carousel has the highest interaction rates among others. You need to work on the carousel to bring more interaction to your content. But the question is how to create the engaging carousel post:

Number one tip: Make the round-up UGC

Using user-generated content on Instagram is an effective medium to boost brand loyalty, boost the items and maintain engagement. By making a round-up for tagged content, you can emphasise your sector and sell the item. It is the win-win condition for you!

Number two tip: Curate Pic Dumps

It is your chance to showcase a less edited and filtered version of the brand and yourself. These pictures dumps can be suitable for displaying the recap of the event, your business’s mood board or a BTS (behind-the-scene) photo diary.

Number three tip: Give a sneak peek of BTS

Your uk Instagram followers are interested in witnessing a peek at how the company is run!

So, how do businesses launch the latest items and drives? How did users really remodel their new living area? How does business or users’ day in the routine  look?

Like the picture dump, the BTS carousel content comes across as the less filtered type of your brand — further humanising your brand and making a connection.

What are the finest type of content for Instagram?

So, as o the stats and percentages tell that the Instagram carousel is the best type, but you need to understand your audiences. Multiple factors decide what content is best for your business.

With the right plan and strategy, you can create the perfect content that bring more engagement and uk instagram follower on your profile


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