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How To Spot Signs of Being Scammed While Traveling?

During exploring, travel might get trapped in various travel scams. It becomes problematic for new travelers to identify between right and wrong. These days scams are very common and frequent. If you’re a traveler who loves to explore new places every time, you must know how to protect yourself from being scammed.

Traveling scams can be varied from place to place or might be situation to situation. You need to be very careful about these frauds to avoid any mishap. You might be victimized by online scams, booking scams, currency exchange scams, fake cops scams, and more.

To awaken your conscience, travel specialists bring some valuable tips and tricks for travelers through which they can identify the upcoming scam.

Here are a few pointers that emphasize the signs of being scammed while traveling locally or internationally;

Online ticket booking scam 

Online ticket booking has become a new trend today. Every traveler wants to book online tickets as they are a bit cheaper and easy to book without extra effort. A comfort always brings some mishap along with itself. Due to the excess use of online platforms, the internet is loaded full of fake travel websites that are always ready to grab money through digital scams.

To protect yourself from online ticket booking scams, you should book your tickets from only trusted and affordable travel agencies. You will find tons of trusted travel websites that can be reliable. You just need some good sort of researching skills and observation power. K2 Tickets can be your trusted and affordable travel agency because it has the best customer rating and years of experience in providing travel aids to countless happy travelers. You can check their website for more related information.

Currency exchange scam 

When you’re traveling to international destinations, you require the official currency of that particular place. For example, if you travel from China to America, you first need to exchange the banknotes for US dollars. People claim to be authentic parties for money exchange, and travelers might get into their trap. What they will do is; take all your original currency notes/coins and, in return, provide you with a fake currency that is not legally valid in any part of the world.

You are advised to use only national banks for the currency exchange. Other than any third party can be dangerous for you. Your country’s bank is the only trusted source from which you can get the best value for your money. With this trick, you can protect yourself from currency exchange travel scams.

The Sauce Trick 

It is a very typical trick that every scammer tries on every traveler. Basically, the main motive is to divert your attention so that they can steal your valuable items and other stuff.  Look, we agreed that traveling is all about socializing and making new friends, but it is also true that not every person is good in this world. You need to be attentive while traveling. Otherwise, you might be in trouble. Keep your belongings with you so that nobody can even try to make you a fool. Beware of the pickpockets, as nowadays they are very active in every single tourist place. If you feel any sign of being harmed, don’t hesitate to shout.  Maybe your one step can stop them and save you and other co-travelers.

Fake Cop Scam

These days scammers are trying new-new tricks to harm innocent travelers. Many people these days have become victimized by fake cops. People pretend to be real-life cops and demand their documents in the name of police verification, and then they, without any mistake, start blaming and molesting a tourist. Later, when a person urges them to leave, they start demanding the money to leave them. Travelers, this is the sign that you need to be caught. If any cop without any of your mistakes starts demanding money, you need to be strong at that time.

You need to ask for their official ID, and if they fail to do so, immediately call the police. You don’t need to panic. Moreover, it’s your time to use your six senses and keep your mind calm.  In such kinds of situations, your calmness and positive attitude will help you a lot.

Dodgy Tours

If you want a safe and happy travel experience, always travel with an authorized tour company so that you will get what you pay for, and your safety will be of central concern. There are plenty of fake travel and tour companies that promise to deliver the best service, but in reality, they do absolutely nothing. For a safer and better travel experience, do your research first, check the customer reviews, and Google ratings, and ask about your accommodations or you can directly call them before taking packages from their online portal. Travel with only reliable travel and tour companies and websites. Traveling with a fake operator could see you stranded, injured, sick, or at the very least, fleeced of some of your vacation budgets.

Taxi and cab scams

Due to the heavy demand for rental cars, cabs, or taxis, drivers overcharge travelers. This kind of scam is frequent among new travelers especially. Sometimes taxi drivers claim the meter is broken or not working adequately. They know that travelers will give them desired money as they are on exploration, so it’s a good idea to grab some more money. But travelers, use only valid taxis to reach your chosen destination. If it is possible for you to travel by public transport, you can choose that option. It’s an effective and budget-friendly option. You can also ask two-three more taxi drivers about the fare. Through this, you will get an approximate idea of the fare.

Fake local products

While traveling, people use to buy some local products from a particular place as a token of memory. But do you really think that the product is actually handcrafted or made by local artists? Many shops sell you factory-made products instead of handcrafted stuff at a higher price. This scam is very common in all tourist places. To avoid such a scam, you can purchase products from the local shops or local villages.

These travel scams are very common and can happen to any one of us. All you need is to be attentive, calm, and curious. Don’t hesitate to cross-questioning. Be vocal about the things. And most importantly, enjoy it without any pressure.

By following such tips, you can make each travel experience more happening and safer for you and your family.

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