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How To Send Bulk SMS Using API In 2022?

Do you want to send bulk SMS using API? Do you want your CRM system to respond to your customers automatically? You have come to the right place to have the service of bulk SMS Gateway API

We will help you to achieve your full potential using the service of bulk SMS. This is one of the most used and top services that will help you communicate with your customers.

However, bulk SMS service providers come with a plethora of advantages. So, bulk SMS can help you to communicate as well as to provide an opportunity to make money. 

So, all those that are looking to start a business and want to earn using the SMS service. Individuals can buy bulk SMS Services to communicate with their own clients. White label bulk SMS reseller panel is an opportunity for everyone. This will help them to make money online by selling services. 

We will walk you through how to send text messages directly from your website. This process will work using any on any device and does not require any of the other paths. So let’s get started!

So, we can use a website to have a particular service and we have got some example data. When you are sending bulk SMS from a business website there are a couple of things you need to know. The first is that each row needs to have a header. There is no requirement in what you call these, you would have asked your bulk SMS service provider for the key as well. 

The second is there are two required fields. The first is the cellphone number to send a bulk SMS. The second thing will be an opt-in of the recipient you are sending to. Let’s talk about each of these briefly. For the country code or any other such thing, this would need to have the service of bulk SMS.

Using Bulk SMS API In A Website

Using bulk SMS API is so simple and will help you a lot and provide the best service. Bulk SMS you can take from a bulk SMS service provider. It should be as you need it.

We will include a link to these in the description below, but for countries like India, or any other developing countries. This does not matter whether it is uppercase or lowercase. Because we are including the bulk SMS API code in our website. When we are sending bulk SMS from websites you can send bulk SMS or text messages. However, to more you want and this is so easy and simple in the same file. The second required field is the phone number. The one that is looking to get a particular service they want to have or while buying anything from that particular website.  

Therefore, we have called it a “mobile” field. The phone number should include the thing that will code. But not other than bulk SMS API code, as that is going to be automatically added based upon the consumer that wants your mass comm. Service. The bulk SMS API code that we have specified earlier is to be integrated into the website. 

It does not matter if we include dashes, spaces or parentheses, as these will all be removed automatically. While we upload the data in order to send our bulk SMS facilities for customers. Finally, we can include as many custom fields as we want. These are great because it allows us to organize our contacts, but we can also personalize our messages by including these as wildcard fields. 

How To Send Bulk SMS Using API?

We will tell you what that looks like here in a moment. Now we are ready to go so we will save our data in a file format as you want. The file format can be changed by going to the API code provided to you by a bulk SMS service provider > Save As, selecting “Past that therein you web file” and clicking “save.” Now let’s move to your website as well. Start sending your bulk SMS. So we are in the CRM system. 

We have gone in and we have created a free account and you could do that and now we want to send our messages. We will go to campaigns in the left navigation. Then click the red plus sign to create a new campaign. 

There is our data on the website so therefore, we have to select a “past code or API” campaign to be able to upload our bulk SMS. When we are creating a file upload campaign there are three steps that need to be completed. The first is to map our fields. To do that we will select field mapping and we will drag our file in so the system can recognize the column headers. 

We will “Next” and now we need to map the column headers from our website to the expected values by a bulk SMS service provider. There are five default values for the process which we are doing. These bulk SMS service providers are looking for but they are not all required. 

As we mentioned earlier, the only required fields are the country code and the mobile phone number. So, in this case, we do not need the last name. So we will delete it by clicking the trash can to the right. 

Next Step For Bulk SMS API

We do not need an email. So, we will delete that as well and we do

not have any tags. Therefore, we will delete that. Now we will be left with the three remaining fields from our website. If one of these were mapped incorrectly. This will be completed to be selected. And selecting the field from the pulldown list that maps to what the expected value is.

If I want to look at some sample data, I can toggle through and see exactly. How the bulk SMS system is mapping the data from the website. This looks good so we will click Save now. We need to design the template that is going to be sent to each of our recipients to do that. We click on the design template. We could load an existing template by selecting the load template button but in this case. 

We are going to write a new bulk SMS or message and when we will send the message. We have a choice of sending either just static text/ bulk SMS. Which would be the same message to each person or we can personalize it.

Using a wildcard field you may recall that we included the first things and there in the website. File so let’s include that in our message to personalize each of our text the structure for including a personalized. The field has three open brackets the field name from your excel file and three closing brackets.

The Second Step

So let’s put together a message so you can see how the field has changed to green after. We closed it with that third closing bracket. So that looks good in this case we have a combination of both static as well. 

As dynamic fields, it will automatically insert the contact first name from the website. Let’s click Save. The final step is to select. Whether or not we want the reporting this is just an email report. That is sent to any of the customers after the messages have been sent in this case. We do not need it so we will select no report.

We need to give the campaign a name and click Save. So, now we have created a campaign that I could reuse any time. We have messages that I want to send. So, are you ready to go now? We will click the blue triangle to the right to be able to send our bulk SMS. We will drag my file over click upload and then the messages are being sent these should be sent in under a minute. 

We will show you what an example message looks like so I’ve sent one of the sample bulk SMS messages to myself. Here let’s take a look at that here you can see how the template has automatically been inserted.

Therefore, each message is personalized. The cool thing is with bulk SMS. However, you can also have two-way conversations as well. Therefore, if one of your contacts responds you will see that. You can reflect in real-time in the bulk SMS dashboard. Now let’s move back into bulk SMS and take a look at that. So, we will be back in the bulk SMS system and I want to go to conversations on the left menu. 

How To Identify The Process & Its Success?

When we send or provide our bulk SMS facility from the website. It created an open conversation with each one of my contacts and when they responded to that bulk SMS message. It will be highlighted in blue, we will expand and we can see the communication that was sent to him including his response. 

So that is it you sent your bulk SMS directly from a website and you have been able to manage responses. So, this is the thing that will help you and provide you with the best service of bulk SMS. You can use it for your website and bulk it accordingly as you want it for your business website. 

Summing up 

We all have seen how business websites work and how they are providing their services. Business websites like e-commerce and others have the best thing that will help you communicate with your customers. 

Bulk SMS can help you in many ways and can provide you with the best solution for the CRM system. This is so much simpler than you think and provides you with the service of bulk SMS. bulk SMS API will help you to respond to your customers and provide the best answers to the queries on your website.

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