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How to recover deleted call history on mobile phone?

With the popularity of smartphones, mobile phone call records have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. It records our communications and is an important basis for us to understand the dynamics of our friends. However, sometimes we may accidentally delete some important call records while using our mobile phones. So how can I restore the deleted call history? This article will introduce you to several effective methods to help you easily retrieve lost call records.

1. Take advantage of the backup feature

Many mobile phones have built-in backup functions, such as the cloud service of Samsung mobile phones. These backup functions can help us quickly restore to the previous backup state when we change mobile phones or accidentally delete call records. Therefore, if you have turned on the call history backup function before, you can try this method to retrieve lost call records. In addition to recovering call history, you can also back up your data across multiple devices using your phone’s cloud sync feature. Additionally, you can use encryption to protect your data from unauthorized access.

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2. Use data recovery software

There are many professional data recovery software on the market, such as EaseUS MobiSaver, etc. These software can help us recover lost data from the phone’s storage space or SIM card after accidentally deleting call records. When using these software, please note that they do not guarantee 100% recovery of all lost data, so be sure to read the software’s instructions before use and operate with caution.

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There are some things to note when using recovery tools. First, some tools may require you to pay to use full functionality. Secondly, different tools may have different recovery success rates, so it is best to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the tool before using it. Finally, some tools may require permissions from you, so you need to make sure you trust the tool and read the user agreement carefully.

3. Search in the phone’s Recycle Bin

Many mobile phone systems will have a recycle bin or trash can where you can retrieve deleted call history. For Android phones, you can enter the “Call History” app and find the “Deleted Calls” option, where your deleted call history will be displayed. Here you can find the call logs you need to recover and recover them.

For iPhones, you can go into the Phone app and swipe down to view your deleted call history. Here you can find the call logs you need to recover and recover them.

4. Seek professional technical support

If you are unable to retrieve lost call records by trying the above methods, you may consider seeking professional technical support. Some mobile phone manufacturers or mobile phone repair shops provide data recovery services. They can provide you with professional data recovery solutions based on your mobile phone model and specific circumstances. However, this method usually requires paying a certain fee and does not guarantee 100% data recovery.

5. Redial the call

Although this method sounds ridiculous, in fact, sometimes when making a call, the phone will automatically save the call history in the phone’s memory. So, if the call logs you lost occurred in the recent past, try dialing those phone numbers again and see if you can find them in the call logs. Of course, this method does not apply to deleted call records.

Deleting call history may cause some inconvenience to our lives. However, by backing up phone data and using recovery tools, we can easily retrieve these records. When using recovery tools, you need to pay attention to some things, such as choosing reliable tools, paying for them, and paying attention to the user agreement. In addition, we can also take other measures to protect the security of mobile phone data, such as turning on cloud synchronization and encryption functions.


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