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How to Maximize Your Rideshare Earnings During Special Events


As a rideshare driver, you know that your income can change depending on factors like the area you operate in, the time of day, and the demand for your services. However, driving for special events could increase your earnings. This article will discuss how renting a car from a rideshare rental company can help you make the most of your earnings during special events and how much money you can make as a driver.

The Earnings Potential of Special Events

Demand for ridesharing services often spikes before and after major events like concerts, festivals, and sporting competitions. Due to the high demand and limited supply of transportation during these times, passengers may be willing to pay a premium. Therefore, drivers can frequently make more money than they would on an average day.

Your potential earnings at a one-off gathering depend on many variables, including the event’s size, its location, and the time of day. Some drivers, however, claim to make hundreds of dollars more per event. A Los Angeles-based driver, for instance, claimed to have made $400 in a single night of service for the Academy Awards, a sum significantly higher than the norm for their profession.

Tips for Maximizing Your Earnings During Special Events

Here are some guidelines to follow if you want to maximise your profits at festivals and other special occasions:

  1. Preparation is the key, so find out as much as possible about the event’s location and anticipated turnout in advance so you can prepare accordingly. Your parking spot and departure time can be calculated with this information.
  2. Think Long-Term: Think ahead about where you want to go in your car during the event. Pay special attention to high-traffic areas like the event location, popular nearby restaurants and bars, and hotels.
  3. Be Available: Passengers are more likely to hail rides from drivers who are available when major events take place. If you want to get more requests for rides, you might want to consider spending more time online.
  4. The likelihood of more traffic and road closures due to special events increases significantly, so plan accordingly. Having a GPS or navigation app on hand will be very helpful when travelling to new areas.

Using Rideshare Rentals to Maximize Your Earnings

To maximise your earnings during special events, renting a car from a rideshare rental company may be a good idea. If you rent a car, you know it will be in good condition and suitable for ridesharing. By doing so, you can better assist your riders, who will likely reward you with higher star ratings and gratuities.

As an added perk, many rideshare car rental services provide discounts and other incentives to drivers who make use of their cars during peak demand times. Some car rental agencies, for instance, reward customers who use their services during popular events by reducing the base rate or even giving out free gas.


One way to increase your earnings as a rideshare driver is to work events. The best way to maximise your earnings and improve your riders’ experiences is to rent a vehicle from a rideshare rental company and follow the advice in this article. Always put safety first and obey all traffic laws and regulations, especially when travelling to and from a special event.

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