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How To Make Outdoor Blinds Safer For Your Kids – Simple Steps

Long-corded drapes and outdoor blinds can be extremely dangerous for kids, according to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission. In addition, if the ropes are not correctly fastened, they can pose a risk of strangulation. In light of this, locals and homeowners are responsible for ensuring that any blinds installed are not jeopardizing your kids’ safety.

As parents, caregivers, and grandparents, everyone wants their children in their home to be safe. Children are at risk of strangling when using blinds with cords. , It’s not always practical to switch all the wired blinds in a house over to cordless ones. So, what else can be done?  By tying cords up out of their reach, avoiding dangerous tangles & loops from forming, and having all chain and cable loops neatly tied down, you can make your outdoor blinds safer for your kids.

Simple Steps To Make Outdoor Blinds Safer For Children

Children are naturally curious. By touching and exploring, they take in their surroundings. Outdoor blinds must be kept out of the reach of our little explorers.

Use a Set of Cord Cleats

The operational cords can be wrapped around cord cleats. It is one of the easiest methods for keeping cords away from children. You can use cleats to easily tilt or lift the cords.   Install cord cleats at least five feet off the ground, out of reach of kids. Use a pair of cleats to fit the cords tightly in a figure-eight arrangement around them.  Many businesses in Perth provide a wide selection of cleats in various sizes and styles to match the interior design of your home. One such business is Outdoor Blinds Perth.

Cut the Cord Length Shorter

Reduce the length of the cords as much as you can. The cords should not exceed 40% of the blind’s overall length. Both tilting and lifting cords are included in this. Only shorten cables once the blind has been completely down. Only cut the tilting cables when the blind’s panels are horizontal.

Install Cord Joiners Properly

When the outdoor blinds are fully lowered, put the cord reducer, condenser, or joiner within 3 inches of the cord locking system if you combine numerous lifting cords on the blinds. Ensure that the combined length of the cords and lifting strings is 40% or less of the blind’s entire length.

Change The Cord Tilt Mechanisms

Consider changing the cord tilt mechanisms on outdoor blinds to wand tilt mechanisms to remove cords from reach. Doing so removes the cords, making the process immediately child-safe.  You will need to buy a new wand when you switch from a cable tilt to a wand tilt.

Keep your cords Separate

The recommended practice is to hang each working cord independently. Never knot, bind, or place them within the same tassel. A risky loop forms above the knot when tied together and inserted into the same tassel. It is safer to leave the cords hanging one at a time.

Set up the Cord Shroud

On the reverse of the blind, certain woven wood and roman blinds have visible cords. You can create a loop out of this exposed cord by pulling it away from the blind material. Install cord shrouds on all visible cords to lessen this risk. The lifting wires cannot be removed from the blind’s backside thanks to the cord shroud tape. This is because each ring on the back of the outdoor blinds is connected by a cord shroud. The lifting cord is then threaded through the cord shroud.

To Sum it Up

Children will touch and examine anything within their grasp and line of sight. Do not place their bedding or cribs near windows. Rearrange your furniture if necessary to keep tall items away from the windows. Children can climb objects to grab cords that look fascinating. Some kids would even place tables, chairs, and toys next to windows to get a better view of the outside. Make sure the blinds’ cords are properly secured.

Tie up cables with cleats. It is one of the simplest safety precautions you can take. They are simple to install. Children are way safer if they can’t access the blind cords.


How do I keep my child away from my vertical blinds?

One option to make blinds safer is to glue the chain to each louvre, reducing the amount of chain the child can grip onto. But gluing them might stop them from closing completely.

Are blinds safe in a nursery?

A child’s crib, bed, or highchair shouldn’t be placed close to a window. Blind pull cords must be kept as short as possible and out of children’s reach. Use a knot or one of the several cleats and clips, or tie the cords to make them safer.
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