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How to Make A Discord Account?

While playing games if you want to communicate with your friends to make strategies and discuss things then the best software for you is discord. Discord is prime software that people use for communicating with their teammates.

But there are still many players who do not know how to make a discord account and to help them we have bought this blog where the users can find the way using which they can create an account on discord. So, let us begin with the steps without any issues also, we will be looking into the various ways which are there using which the users can create an account for themselves.

Steps to Create A Discord Account on Desktop – 

Here are the steps which you can use to make a discord account on a desktop so that you can use your account when you want and access its features as well.

  1. Begin with opening discord on your desktop by going to on your desktop and installing the discord app on your device.
  2. After installation opens the app and then click on the register option so that you can create your account.
  3. You need to enter an email, a username, and a password for your account along with your date of birth. In the case of passwords, the users have to select a strong password for their account.
  4. Move to verify your discord account by clicking the CAPTCHA and then hitting the continue button.
  5. Now, you have successfully created your discord account and you can use this account anytime and anywhere you want to after the verification of your account is completed.

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Steps to Create A Discord Account on Mobile – 

To make a discord account on mobile the users need to follow and execute the steps given below –  

  1. Open the Discord app on your device and then hit on the register option to move ahead.
  2. In this step, you are required to provide your phone number or email address animeplyx. Fill in with whatever you are comfortable with and then hit on the Next button to move to the next step.
  3. In this step, fill in your date of birth as you need to be at least 13 years old to use discord.
  4. After entering your date of birth you need to press the option known as creating an account.
  5. Now, pick a username as well as a password for your account which you will further use for the login process after you make a discord account. 
  6. Create your server and then tap on the option of joining a friend on discord and then move ahead to verify your discord account using your phone number the email address.
  7. Once the verification process is complete the users can now use the discord account they created the way they want.

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If you want more information about discord, its features, and its functioning then you can refer to the website Onlinegeeks so that you can understand it in a better way.

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