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How to Increase sales of Your Online Course in 2022

With the growth and advancements in science and technology, online education is spreading at a faster rate. The better flexibility, convenience, comfort, working opportunities, etc offered, and online courses are the new preferences of educators. The main purpose of creating an online course is to make it reach out to a larger audience and generate maximum sales.

 In the year 2022, again the professional sectors are back on track, beating the pandemic and the economy is again rising. Also in the pandemic times, online courses competition enhanced vigorously. So to research the platform to sell courses online and expand your sales, following the right strategies is important. Let us discuss some tips that online course creators can follow to increase sales of their courses in 2022. 

Steps to increase online course sales in 2022 

  1. Give  a free sample of study material 

Many internet users will visit your site and leave without taking admission. The main reason behind this is that they lack the idea of how effective the course will be. To expand your online course is by forming a sample of free study material for the target audience. On your course website, you can upload this sample and provide its free access to the viewers. 

No one doesn’t like getting free things and when the free stuff holds importance, it becomes more satisfactory. Include a demo class link in the sample, and put some reading PDFs, picture cards, and other audio-visual tools. This will help to put your course in the audience’s shoes and start getting a high enrollment rate. 

  1. Mark a strong online presence

Wh a tough competition going on in the e-learning field, to make your online course effective, marking a strong presence is quite important. Try to develop regular interactions with your target audience. To do so, you can follow the below-mentioned steps: 

Form social media accounts: to make a strong online presence, social media is the best tool. Make your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Make creative and unique educational content and be regular with your uploads. 

Write a catchy bio: bio on social media accounts is the first thing that catches viewers’ attention. Make sure you keep it short, crisp, and attractive. Include some powerful and impactful words. Tell viewers in short what you do, and how you can help them. Similarly, make an about us section on your website. Write your achievements, teaching experience, and more. 

  1. Make an informative course website 

Another way to expand your online business sales is by forming a course website. While searching for the best platform for selling online courses, work to build a website too. Make it as informative as possible. Include

  • About us section
  • Admission section
  • Blogs
  • Contact us etc. 

Publish blogs: to get more visitors to your website and be on the top list of Google searches, you need to generate content on your website regularly. The best way to stay consistent with content is by publishing blogs. Try to leverage your Blog section as much as possible. See which keywords are highly searched for in education and start publishing blogs based on that. Don’t forget that reading and written words leave a long-lasting impact, so publishing quality blogs and articles will surely help. When learners gain a valuable experience from your blogs, they will surely be interested in becoming a part of your online course. 

Share success stories: before buying any product online, we all have a habit of first reading reviews about it. Similarly, before purchasing your online course, the buyer will prefer having the reviews of the experienced learners of your course. To help the target audience read the positive reviews and join your course, share success stories of your past learners on the website. You can make review videos in which students can tell their learning journey and achievements. Also, you can allow students to upload their reviews on the website or publish success stories in your blogs. This will surely help to expand sales and admissions. Also, use Instagram story viewer to view insta stories anonymously.


With the tough competition going on in online education, selling online courses can be a challenge for the creators. However, by following the above-mentioned tips, online educators can sell their courses effectively this year. This will help in the professional and financial growth of the online course creators. 

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