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How to find the right product in our Powerbank comparison

Smartphones and tablets are our constant companions and for most people, it is impossible to imagine their everyday lives without them. clean rc car but large, bright displays, location services, and messengers consume electricity non-stop. So that you do not run out of energy on the go, you can charge your devices with power banks.

However, there is often confusion when it comes to the specifications of individual products. We will show you which criteria you have to pay attention to and also reveal how well power banks actually perform in tests.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our Powerbank comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell

With a power bank, you can charge your devices anytime, anywhere via a USB port. However, there are big differences in size and performance.

In addition to normal power banks, there are also special versions as integrated batteries or for outdoor activities. The price for a good power bank starts at about 30 euros.

Power bank tests criticize that the information on capacity and performance does not always match the actual readings. External batteries with over 10,000 mAh are recommended.

Power banks also allow charging on the go without access to a power outlet. However, external batteries are not always huge blocks, but are also available as integrated mods, as with the Mophie Juice Pack. The other extreme is very large, powerful power banks for e-bikes such as the Bionx battery.

In our guide, you will learn more about the different types of power banks. In addition, we clarify the most important questions for you and give important tips on battery care.

The choice of power bank: The intended use is important

Before you buy a power bank, you should think carefully about which type is suitable for you. Only through decent purchase advice can expensive bad purchases be avoided. It is therefore important to know in advance in which situations and for which devices you would like to use your power bank at all.

An alternative to the separate power bank is an integrated additional battery in a case for your smartphone. An example of such a product is the Mophie Juice Pack. The biggest advantage is obvious: you don’t have an additional portable power bank to carry around with you. Nevertheless, there are also disadvantages, which you can see in our pros and constable:


  • Space
  • Low weight
  • Powerbank cannot be forgotten


  • Not very powerful
  • Charging cycles are very limited
  • Smartphone becomes much more unwieldy

Integrated additional batteries such as the Mophie Juice Pack were increasingly available for the iPhone / iPhone 5. However, Apple itself does not offer its own power banks. However, top rc cars the large separate portable power banks are compatible with any device that can be charged via the respective type of USB port. However, the charging cable must correspond to the appropriate USB charger.

The individual power banks differ not only in size and weight. The products can also be divided into types and categories. In the following table you can see which species there are and what is decisive for each category:

Portable Power Bank

  • Standard USB power bank
  • From small and compact to large and even suitable for laptop batteries
  • Is charged and discharged via USB

Powerbank is an integrated additional battery

  • As a spare battery for the smartphone
  • installed in the protective cover
  • Can only be used for a single device

Outdoor and solar charger

  • Ideal for camping and hiking tours
  • Very robustly built
  • Solar chargers can alternatively also be charged via solar energy

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