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How to find the right product in our Bobby Car comparison

The slide-car is a popular gift for a child’s first birthday. Even if the child should not yet walk, he can cover the first meters independently with the slide car.

The Bobby Car is one of the toy classics that a child should not do without. rc trucks 4×4 off road waterproof the Bobby Car is known to many parents from their own childhood. Positive memories come up. The slide-car can be easily operated and is also very safe. Perform an individual test to get the ideal model.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our Bobby Car comparison

The most important in a nutshell

The Bobby Car is a small slide vehicle. The toy has three to four tires, a steering wheel, and a horn.

The Bobby Car has a very simple structure with few features. It is not necessary to assemble it.

The slide is very popular with toddlers and has become indispensable. You can get models in a variety of designs and sizes today.

The Bobby Car is a popular children’s toy. The classic model is red. It is often equipped with two glued eyes, which give the car its own character. The Bobby Car is now also available in many other colors:

Bobby Car in Blue

Bobby Car in Green

Bobby Car in Black

Bobby Car in Pink

Of course, a driver’s license is not required for the Bobby Car. You can use the little speedsters in the park, in the garden, and on the sidewalk without any problems. Carry out an individual test for slide cars to find the best offer for your needs.

Tip: Slide cars are suitable not only for boys but also for girls. In particular, the model in red is quite well received by the girls. Even car manufacturers such as Audi and Mercedes offer Bobby Cars for girls.

A toy with tradition

The slide-car has been on the market since 1972. It has since sold more than 18 million copies. rc car track the car has now also reached cult status and is, therefore, an integral part of many households with children. The Big Bobby Car is ideal for small children from one year of age. Children can push the popular models such as the original Bobby Car Classic Girlie Pink forward by repelling the legs and thus also carry out Bobby Car races.

A big advantage is that the toddler’s sense of balance and motor skills are promoted. Driving a Bobby Car is great fun for toddlers. If you bought the vehicle new, it will be assembled within a few minutes.

The Big New Bobby Car consists of a seat shell, a Bobby Car Light & Sound steering wheel, Bobby Car stickers, horn, and Bobby Car wheels. In the rear area of the slide car, a device is attached to which Bobby Car trailers can be attached. Furthermore, the seat is ergonomically shaped, so that the child automatically adopts the correct sitting posture. After all, the car can be used in a variety of ways.

This is positive, as the coordination and motor skills of the toddler can be significantly improved. Since children are imaginative and creative, they can use the Bobby Car Porsche in different ways. The fact that the slide car is very robustly built makes it a long-standing companion.

Basically, it is safe to say that the Big Bobby Car Classic is almost indestructible. So if your child goes on a wild journey of discovery in the garden with this car and the Bobby Car horse trailer including a plush pony, you don’t have to worry.

The high weather resistance ensures that your child can also use the car outdoors or in the garden. The advantage is that the tires are made of plastic. This allows the vehicle to drive on all floors without the tires breaking. Whether the offspring is on the road with the Bobby Car in black, blue, or green, there are special attachments for shoes so that the shoes do not break when the Bobby Car slides forward. These attachments are pulled over the shoe, which optimally protects the shoe.


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