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How to Enjoy Abu Dhabi Desert Safari to the Maximum?

The capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi, is one of the best touring spots in the world. With amazing sceneries, grand plazas, malls, spectacular infrastructure, and a wide variety of heritage, it’s a place to visit at least once in your entire life. However, when you get tired of the hustle and bustle of this busy city, pack and head towards the desert, away from the city’s noise and business, and have a grand desert safari. Abu Dhabi has the world’s largest sand desert, the Empty Quarter Desert.

The journey through this desert is a fantastic experience. If you don’t get an Abu Dhabi desert safari, your visit is meaningless. It is the trademark of every Abu Dhabi tour. However, the critical thing is to enjoy it. You spend your time and money on desert safari just to enjoy a beautiful day of your life. Here are some of the essential tips to enjoy your Abu Dhabi Desert Safari to the Maximum extent.

Time Selection

Time selection matters the most when enjoying the Abu Dhabi desert safari. First of all, you have to figure out what is the best time of the year to have a desert safari. In Abu Dhabi, the time between November and March is best for desert safari. Moderate environment and packs of tourists are reasons behind choosing this period.

Choosing the Type

There are three types of desert safari; these are given below

  • Morning desert safari
  • Evening desert safari
  • Overnight desert safari

Morning and evening desert safari are almost the same with the same features, and the only difference is the time of day. Contrary to them, an overnight desert safari is packed with more fun and enjoyment. It involves staying in the desert for a whole night. Just imagining setting a camp in the center of the world’s largest sandy desert is enough to give you goosebumps.

Moreover, a delicious buffet dinner makes it superior over the other two. So, if you have some extra budget and free nighttime, you must never miss an overnight desert safari.

Booking a Desert Safari

After finalizing everything, it’s time to book your desert safari. There are a lot of local touring agencies in Abu Dhabi that offer desert safari at affordable rates. Make sure to compare the budget and services provided by different companies before making a final call. You can also read the reviews by previous clients to better understand them. Choosing the right touring agency is necessary to maximize your desert safari fun.

Things to Do During Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Following is a list of must-to-do things when having an Abu Dhabi desert safari. This is to ensure that you enjoy it up to the maximum extent.

Dune Bashing

The first thing that you have to do is dune bashing. Start doing it as soon as your vehicle enters the vast desert. The scenes of flying sands in front and at the sides of your car, covering whole things and their shine in the air is something you never want to miss.

Take Rides

Amazing rides are available in the desert. Never miss any single of them. Some top listed rides are as follows.

  • Running a quad bike and bashing dunes with it is the first ride that you get after entering the desert. Enjoy the feelings of driving in the desert with a quad bike under you.
  • Camel ride and horse ride is the life of any desert safari. Being in the desert and not riding its ship, it doesn’t seem reasonable. So make sure to take camel rides especially.
  • A hot air balloon is also a fantastic ride. The view of the desert from heights seems unmatchable beauty of this world. Sand suffering is also an important ride.

Camping and Enjoying Night Shows

Camping in the desert is an overwhelming sensation. It will help you to explore the night beauty of the desert. Moreover, there are a lot of night shows that you should never miss. Spectacular dance performances such as Tanura dance and traditional Arabic belly dance are a treat to watch. Several other performances are also displayed.


Now you have an excellent guide to enjoying the Abu Dhabi desert safari to the maximum. Never miss any of these things, and try exploring new things in the desert. Never forget to take photographs of your beautiful time spent in the vast desert.

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