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How to Choose the Right Septum Nose Ring

Spectrum piercing is one of the oldest and most popular nose piercing types. Many individuals consider this piercing technique to enhance attractiveness as it offers versatility and stylishness. Faux septum nose rings are the most suitable rings after having the septum nose piercing.

These rings come in different designs, shapes, and sizes to suit your needs or occasion. The wide range of options available makes it challenging to choose the appropriate one suiting your needs. This article outlines the imperative factors to consider when selecting the septum nose ring.

  1. Consider the Nose Ring Size

When choosing the right septum nose ring, it’ll be vital to consider the diamond. Notably, choose a vendor offering various varieties and sizes of Faux septum nose rings to choose the right one for you.

You can consider for a wide range of faux septum nose rings. Ensure that the septum nose ring size you choose suits your needs. Consider your work environment, facial features, and personal taste to choose the appropriate one.

  1. Check Your Metal Choice

The metal choice is essential when looking for suitable septum nose rings. Choosing the wrong metals can result in skin allergies and unattractiveness. Therefore, it’ll be good to research and select the appropriate material that enhances your attractiveness and is free from any allergic reactions. Experts advise choosing the best non-biocompatible metals, like platinum and gold, to prevent allergic reactions, like skin discolorations or irritations.

  1. Consider the Post Style

It’s usually appropriate to consider the post styles when choosing the proper septum nose rings that suit your needs. There are different post styles, like the L-shaped or U-shaped;

you can consider choosing the right ones for your needs. Before selecting the styles, it’ll be vital to research and choose the best alternative to suit your needs, appearance, and preferences. You can also consult your stylist to help you choose the most appropriate style for your septum nose ring. The style should align with your facial features, preferences, and hairstyle.


  1. Check the Right Post Gauge

Gauge refers to the thickness of your nose ring post. Before choosing your ring, it’ll be vital to check the appropriate gauge for your needs or suit your preferences. Experts reveal that the higher the gauge, the thinner your post.

It’ll be wise to choose an 18 gauge nose ring post immediately after piercing and later switch to 20 gauge after the healing, as the holes get smaller after the healing process. Remember, it won’t be suitable to use a nose post with less than 20 gauges for your piercing.

Final Thoughts

Septum nose piercing has developed into one of the most effective and common ways to enhance your facial beauty and attractiveness. After the piercing, many individuals find it daunting to choose the right nose to suit their attractiveness and style.

However, consider the post gauge, style, metal choice, and diamond size to get the appropriate one. Experts reveal that you need to invest more time in researching the best septum nose ring to suit your needs and occasions.


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