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How to Care for Velvet Couch?

If you have been looking around, you might have noticed that there are many options available when it comes to your velvet professional sofa cleaning and maintenance. You can take on the task yourself or hire someone to do it. Still, without proper care and maintenance, your beautiful velvet couch can easily deteriorate over time and become unusable.

By following these tips, you can make sure that your velvet couch stays beautiful and comfortable over the years and doesn’t need to be replaced any time soon.

Vacuum Your Velvet Couch Monthly

Velvet is not just a popular material in fashion and jewelry but also in furniture. With time, dirt and dust may cling to your velvet couch because of its structure and texture. The Professional Sofa Cleaning recommends that you vacuum your velvet once a month. Not only does it cleanse off all that grime that gets stuck, but you will also have preserved your precious piece of furniture’s life cycle.

Once done, never forget to use a dry cotton cloth to wipe down all those areas especially close to where you sit; it’s vital that you do so because, after all, the dust has been torn up from within.

Remove Dust and Pollen from Velvet Couch

Because dust and pollen are known culprits of allergic reactions, giving your velvet couch a thorough clean every week is a good idea. For example, as soon as you get home from work or school, wipe down your furniture with a duster or vacuum cloth. You can also rub off any visible residue with a dry towel.

If you have time before heading out, blast your couch with an air purifier to prevent allergens from settling in over night. Remember that you don’t want to use paper towels because they tend to leave bits of lint behind—and lint on your soft upholstery can be uncomfortable and leave permanent stains if not removed quickly.

Use Mild Detergent on Folds

If you have a dry-clean-only couch, don’t worry—you can still spot clean stains. You should test the cleaning solution on an inconspicuous spot of your furniture first and ensure it doesn’t change or dull any color in that spot. Mix 2 tablespoons of mild detergent with 4 cups of water and blot it onto any stains with a clean cloth.

Let sit for five minutes, and then dab again with a damp towel. Avoid rubbing at all costs since that will cause more wear on your fabric. If necessary, repeat the processed until the stains have disappeared.

Protect Against Sunlight

If you have a cloth-covered sofa, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. Exposure can cause colors to fade. As a rule, keep your upholstered furniture away from any heat source such as radiators and fireplaces. This will keep them from shrinking or becoming damaged.

Take Care While Hanging Out in the Sofa

Velvet upholstery has a bit of magic that is hard to resist. Velvet upholstery looks great in any home and makes any room appear elegant and classy. If you want your sofas, chairs, and other furniture pieces to stay long lasting, then it is important to takes proper care of them. One of the most common issues regarding velvet furniture is how best they can be kept clean while ensuring they do not lose their softness and shine.

Protection against Spills

Velvet sofas are famous for their stylish appearance. Still, they also have a certain fragility that makes them more vulnerable to stains and spills. If you’re worried about spills damaging your prized piece of furniture, professional sofa cleaning might be an option worth considering.

Professional sofa cleaners know exactly how delicate your furniture is, which means they can clean it with great care—leaving no risk of damaging its delicate fabric. Most local businesses will even provide extra protection against spill damage by covering your couch with protective plastic during cleaning. The up-front cost may seem steep, but you can reduce costs by choosing a package deal or opting for multiple services in one go.

Periodic Dry Cleaning of Velvet Furniture Covers

Because of their unique look and feel, velvet upholstery pieces are a popular addition to many homes. However, these fabrics can be difficult to keep clean because they attract pet hair and dust. While these materials should be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth, it is essential that more intensive cleaning be done on a regular basis as well.

Hiring professional cleaners will ensure that your furniture looks its best while also preventing any unnecessary damage. To maintain your furniture’s rich color and supple texture over time, have it professionally cleaned every year. Be sure to choose a business experienced in handling delicate materials like velvet, so your furniture remains in good condition throughout its lifetime.


Velvet couches are gorgeous and elegant. No matter how beautiful they are, they tend to get dirty over time. If you want your couch to last as long as possible, you’ll need professional sofa cleaning services once in a while. Now that you know what it take to keep your favorite seat looking and feeling like new go out there and find a company you can trust!

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