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How much does insurance for e-scooters cost?

The eFlux electric scooters offered here are mostly designed for everyday use. With speeds of over 20 km/h, best scooter for 11 year old boy even long distances can be covered in the shortest possible time. However, the legal regulations that make a driver’s license and insurance obligation necessary must be observed. The legal situation stipulates that owners of electric scooters must take out liability insurance. Similar to scooters and mopeds, the e-scooter receives an insurance license plate that is valid for the respective year or season.

Most insurers now offer special insurance certificates (policies) for electric scooters with road approval. The prices for this vary depending on the provider and are usually dependent on the age of the owner. On average, the annual insurance costs amount to around EUR 35. Models with ABE can usually be insured a little cheaper. In addition to liability insurance, there is also the option of taking advantage of partial comprehensive offers. Whether these are actually worthwhile, however, should be checked more closely before the conclusion.

What damages does e-scooter insurance cover?

The liability insurance for e-scooters covers damage caused by third parties. If you cause an accident in which other road users or their property are damaged by the electric scooter, the insurance usually pays for it. Again, it is advisable to pay attention to contractual details in addition to the insurance fees. If the e-scooter is driven by several users, this should be taken into account in the contract. If the insurance is also to pay for your own damages, a partial comprehensive solution can prove to be useful. However, this is only really worthwhile if the e-scooter is in the upper price segment and can show a high-value retention.

hese e-scooters can be insured

In order for an electric scooter to be insured in Germany, a road permit is required. This is proven by an ABE (General Operating Permit) or a CoC (Certificate of Conformity), German certificate of conformity. All relevant data on the e-scooter are stored in the documents. It is confirmed that the individual components comply with the specified standards and have been tested. The CoC valid in the international area must be presented when taking out insurance and is included in the scope of delivery for an eFlux e-scooter with road approval.

Can the e-scooter be structurally adapted?

Attention! Anyone who is grossly negligent when driving an e-scooter can lose their insurance coverage. This also applies in the event that structural changes have been made to the electric scooter that are not permitted. Consideration and prudence are therefore considered golden rules for dealing with electric scooters.

Buy e-scooters with road approval

If an ABE or a CoC certificate is available for the desired electric scooter with road approval, this can be used to a greater extent. Speeds of more than 20 km/h favor brisk locomotion and the light dead weight ensures convenient transport options. One of the most important aspects of eFlux e-scooters is safety. This not only meets modern standards, but is also noticeable in the driving experience.

eFlux e-scooter with numerous extras

Our sporty eFlux models already stand out from the competition when it comes to their visual appearance. For example, the street-legal e-scooters with various equipment features have been optimized for use in public spaces. In the individual components, the following components stand out.

I.Seats increase safety and comfort

In order to be even more comfortable and safe on the road with the e-scooter, our road-legal models are equipped with high-quality seats. To ensure the compactness of the electric scooters, a perch with a matching saddle is used. As with the bicycle, the seat height can be adjusted to the individual advantages of the user. The saddles are well padded and ensure comfortable suspension. Made of durable materials, they prove to be robust and weatherproof. The seating options have the additional advantage that the back muscles are relieved during the ride and longer distances, regardless of age and fitness level, can be easily mastered. Models with a seat can be classified according to their registered maximum speed in the vehicle classes light moped, moped and light motorcycle.

II.Road and off-road tyres

On bumpy surfaces and uneven roads, driving with ordinary scooters and e-scooters is not much fun. The longer the journey takes, the more noticeable even minor vibrations become. To avoid this, the eFlux models are equipped with a sophisticated suspension system. The most important component here is the tires. Improved ride comfort is ensured by the slightly wider wheels, which adapt to the requirements of different surfaces.

While the eFlux Lite series impresses with its compact product dimensions, other models offer the additional comfort of seating. eFlux electric scooters are therefore suitable for various applications, such as

III.Wide running boards

Most electric scooters are built extremely narrow, so you have to put your feet one behind the other. Our road-legal e-scooters, on the other hand, have a wider footprint. It not only favors a comfortable positioning of the feet during the ride, but also ensures optimal weight shifting. Sitting comfortably creates a driving feeling, as you know it from a carefree tour with the scooter.

Lighting as a central security aspect

Seeing and being seen – this applies to our eFlux scooters in particular. Even in normal daylight, best cheap electric stakeboards they stand out with their optical shape and thus increase the safety of their drivers. The modern and economical LED lighting contributes to the fact that you can be seen from afar at any time of the day or night. Even when the sun is low and visibility is limited, the headlights and taillights are clearly visible.

Optimized light cones ensure maximum illumination of the field of view. Even in deep darkness, the environment brightens up for a safe ride. In addition, the integrated reflectors help to be better perceived by other road users.

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