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People always seek a good-paying and meaningful job. Yet, not all of them are ready to invest in full-time university education. The world is changing fast, and so are public needs. You may spend years studying a particular field, but soon it becomes non-demanded. Thus, more people prefer skills and work experience over a college degree. Jobs in this category are often called ‘’new-collar jobs’’ or ‘’middle-skill jobs’’. You are mostly learning by doing. To get this type of work, one needs to take certificate programs, vocational training, or apprenticeship. In this article, we will examine the most promising and good-paying options. 

Computer programmers

Computer programmers are specialists who develop various software products and functions. They do it by writing and testing code. To create digital solutions, programmers apply various languages. Just as with classic foreign languages, computer polyglots have advantages. For example, good knowledge of SQL and Python will open many doors for you as an analyst. HTML and SCC are also a good combination if you want to proceed as a web developer. Programming languages are constantly growing in popularity and changing. You will have to master your skills and keep up with the latest trends. However, the field is vast and in demand. It depends on your personal preferences and market expectations. For instance, you may work as a game developer and data scientist, create applications, design and maintain websites, work in e-commerce, and finance. Entering the profession is possible via certified courses and training. You can always improve your knowledge by getting a university degree too.

Computer support specialist

A job of a computer specialist includes both an understanding of software subtleties and an ability to communicate with people effectively. These professionals help customers with their computer devices. They may work either for companies or as self-employed ones. Computer support specialists fix troubles with equipment and show their owners how to avoid such problems in the future. To enter the profession, you need to take IT courses and focus on the sphere that attracts you the most afterwards. It could be a hardware part or a software one. This job is flexible and can be done even remotely since you can consult your clients even over the phone. Be ready that your clients don’t understand the subtleties of the problem as much as you do. So, being patient and ready to explain complicated things clearly and briefly are indispensable elements of this job. 

Pharmacy technician

If you were thinking about a career in pharmacy, then a university education is something you can’t avoid. However, if you have some second thoughts or would like to start working in the field sooner, consider the option of a pharmacy technician. You help pharmacists with dispensing various medications to healthcare professionals and customers. Pharmacy technicians work in private practices, hospitals, and drug stores. Their responsibilities include interpreting doctors’ prescriptions, handling medications that require special treatment due to safety risks, processing medication orders and labelling them. Pharmacy technicians also maintain and take care of the drug inventory and prioritize medical requests. They may also help patients and customers to sort out their inquiries and fix possible problems. As you see, people in this profession possess profound knowledge in pharmacy and also have to be emphatic and attentive to patients’ needs. This job is a good start if you want to proceed in your medical career. Pharmacy technicians have on-the-job training. A degree is not demanded. There are many technical or vocations schools offering respective programs. You may obtain a certificate and that could be enough for the start.

To sum up, employers often value skills and work experience more than a college degree. If you feel that attending lectures and seminars is not what helps you succeed professionally, there are many alternatives. Many people struggle to change their profession because they are afraid of studying again. If you are one of them, check how to start learning after a long-long break and keep moving towards your new aim. Try ‘’new-collar jobs’’ and decide if you want to dig deeper into the topic or if there is a need to search for a new option. 


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