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Four Basic Rules of Primary Health Care

Health care is very important in the 21st century. We all need to stay fit and proper to be healthy for ourselves and our families. So today we are going to learn about the 4 Principles of Primary Health Care.

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What is the role of Health in our lives?

The primary function of Primary Health Care is to provide continuous and complete consideration to patients. It also helps to make the patient accessible through the various social welfare and general health care initiatives initiated by the relevant executive organizations and various organizations.

Why are the Principles of Primary Care important ?

The national framework states that the need for health care is related to the treatment, control or prevention of illness, illness, injury or disability, as well as the care or later care of a person with these needs (whether the activities involved should be performed or not. By a health professional). These principals have a role to play in helping us become more equitable and more just. We must therefore adhere to these principles of Primary Health Care.

What are the principles of a Basic Health Plan?

The principles of the Basic Health Plan are –

  • Independence
  • Benefiting
  • Inefficiency
  • Justice

What is the meaning of these Basic Health Benefits Terms?

The definition of healthy physical principles is –

The primary goal of health care is independence.

Independence is the right of adults who have the ability to make informed decisions about their medical care. The policy is the basis of the requirement to seek the consent or informed consent of the patient before any investigation or treatment can take place.

Independence is a principle that speaks to the concept of independence. The essence of this principle is to allow a person to make his own choices and actions. It assumes the responsibility of a consultant to encourage clients, if appropriate, to make their own decisions and to comply with their standards.

The second principal of health and body system is Beneficence.

the second goal of primary health care; Beneficence is the physician’s responsibility to do something for the benefit of the patient and supports a number of ethical principles to protect and protect the rights of others, prevent injury, eliminate harmful situations, assist people with disabilities, and rescue people from danger.

Beneficence requires health care professionals to take action that benefits others, providing for their own well-being. It requires compassion and understanding of the patient’s value system: the determination of the “good” is individual and depends on the individual’s preferences.

The third principal of major health care is Nonmaleficence.

Inefficiency; The third goal of primary health care is not to harm the patient worldwide. The term medical ethic based on the ancient primum non nocere, translated from the Latin, means first of all, do not injure.

The fourth principal of most health care is Justice.

Justice; The fourth principle of basic health is the principle that when we measure whether something is right or wrong, we must consider whether it is in accordance with the law, the rights of the patient, and whether it is right and reasonable.

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