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10 Best Foods to Increase Male Fertility You Should Eat

Men’s fertility indicates producing good quality sperm, which can quickly increase the chances of getting a baby. A female partner needs good and healthy sperm from a male partner to get pregnant. But due to various reasons, men cannot produce good quality sperm, so the infertility chances for men increases. So you can eat many foods to increase male fertility chances naturally. These foods boost the count of sperm and also help the infertility process. So let’s check about some foods to increase male fertility.

Probable Fertility Issues

Due to some hormonal flows and other factors, a man cannot produce good quality sperm for fertility. Besides these, sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, Dhat syndrome, low libido, and lower Testosterone levels also cause infertility in men. These disorders are caused due to physical and biological factors. Some physical factors like health issues, side effects of medicines, and spine and sex organ injuries can cause all these disorders. So the sperm count of men decreases day by day.

To avoid all these disorders and increase sperm count, you can eat some healthy and vitamin-rich food to increase male fertility. Here is the list of these foods below.

Ten Foods to Increase Male Fertility

All these foods are good sources of vitamins, minerals and proteins. So eat these foods for fertility and to increase good sperm count.

Maca root

Maca root is an excellent food for increasing the sperm count of males. It is a natural way which boosts the libido of the male sex organs. Doctors prescribe the maca root powder for dhat syndrome disease in men. The maca root also improves the sexual performance of men. Besides this, it is also known as धातु रोग की अंग्रेजी दवा. The regular use of maca root will increase the fertility chance of men, and it is also constructive in the early stage of erectile dysfunctions.


Eggs are good foods to increase male fertility as it improves men’s motility and sperm count. This food is rich in vitamin E and protein; therefore, it is healthy for sexual performance. If a man eats eggs regularly, the sperm cells of that man will be protected by the eggs. The nutrients in the eggs will produce healthy sperms, which can lead to men’s fertility. Therefore, eggs are essential for increasing sperms, protecting them, and improving fertility chances.


Spinach consists of folic acid, an excellent supplement for developing healthy sperms in men. Besides spinach, other green vegetables are also whole with nutrition, vitamins and proteins. These are perfect foods to increase male infertility, as these foods improve the healthy sperm count of men. Junk foods are male fertility foods to avoid because these foods are unhealthy and also reduce sperm count. But green vegetables produce malformed sperm, which improves the chance of fertility.


Bananas are a good source of vitamins like vitamin C, A and B1. These vitamins will improve health conditions as well as healthy sperm count. Apart from this, bananas contain a particular enzyme which is Bromelain. This enzyme will help to produce healthy sperm and motility. This enzyme has anti-inflammation properties, which is good for sperm health. Therefore regular eating of bananas improves your health with sperm count. It is also an excellent male fertility diet food.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is healthy food to increase men’s testosterone and sperm count. It is also a dietary food which provides good health to people. Primarily dark chocolate consists of amino acids. This acid will increase the volume of semen and sperm. Besides this, dark chocolate also improves the sexual performance of men. Dark chocolate also decreases the chances of infertility in men. However, dark chocolate also increases orgasm intensity. Thus, it’s suitable for men who have infertility and naturally improves fertility chances.


You know that every green vegetable has lots of vitamins and proteins, which increase the chance of fertility in men. Likewise, broccoli is a good source of vitamin B9. It is good food for overall health. So regular intake of broccoli will improve the counts of sperm and also helps the infertility process of men. In many studies, it was found that if a person regularly eats broccoli, he can improve his sperm count by about 70%. Thus, doctors or sexologists are prescribed broccoli to enhance fertility chances through healthy foods quickly.


Foods to increase male fertility pomegranates are also one of them. This sweet and delicious fruit will increase the volume of semen and also improve the healthy count of sperm. This fruit is full of antioxidants. So it keeps our blood free from radicals. These radicals harm sperm count. So you can eat or drink pomegranates to improve the chances of fertility. The vitamins and antioxidants of pomegranates will easily enhance your sperm count and overall health. So take pomegranates regularly for good health.

walnuts are one of the great foods for male fertility


Walnuts are food with omega-3 fatty acids, and they increase the blood flow to the testicles of male sex organs. Besides this, walnuts also improve the volume of semen and sperm. Therefore men will increase their fertility capacity with the help of walnuts. This is a good source of arginine, which helps produce healthy sperm for the fertility process. Apart from this, the antioxidant formula of walnut and other nuts will help decrease toxins in the blood, which helps build good health.


If you want to improve your immunity, then garlic is good food. The vitamin B6 and selenium of garlic will be beneficial for producing healthy sperm in men. However, it also improves the fertility chances of men. Besides this, garlic will clean the blood so that the testicles of men get good blood flow. Thus, take garlic regularly to naturally improve your fertility and healthy sperm count.


Oysters contain Zinc, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Selenium. All these are very necessary for men’s fertility process. Oysters will increase the healthy sperm count and motility of men. Therefore you can eat oysters to get good supplements of zinc and improve your fertility chances.

Bottom line

In conclusion, all these above foods to increase male fertility and improve your health. So eat these above foods regularly and improve your activity and sexual health. for more interesting article like this must visit


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