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Fix “ error” on iPhone


Gmail uses both the server settings of IMAP & SMTP to set up the email account on any device. Users face issues like “the mail server is not responding” on their devices, especially iPhone users. There are several causes for this issue:

  • A problem in the mail app can cause the error, 
  • If the email account is at flaw then an  error can occur
  • Outdated Applications or software in the device can also lead to the issue
  • Poor internet or network connections are often the reason for any error on devices
  • When there is an issue with the IMAP setting of the Gmail account 

Solutions to fix the error “ is not responding” on iPhone

It is advisable to check the quality of Internet & network connections, before moving on to the next steps.

  • Users must check if their login credentials with Gmail servers are working or not (in case of a server down, wait for the server to come back)
  • It is known by everyone that rebooting or restarting a device always works wonders with any technical issue on iPhone or iPad or any other device. After this then check if the Gmail IMAP issue exists or not.
  • Try “ Force closing the app” as sometimes problems lie within the app itself. Open the App switcher by double pressing the home button to force quit the app. Then relaunch the mail app from the home screen to know if the problem still exists or not.
  • Another method to fix this issue is by removing and re-adding the Gmail account by following the given steps:
  1. On the iPhone or iPad  open the Home screen and launch the settings app
  2. Open the “Accounts & Passwords”  section to choose “problematic Gmail account” from the list of accounts
  3. Tab on the “Delete the Account” button to remove the Gmail Account and wait for confirmation
  4. After removing, Re-add the account.
  5. Once the app is launched, go to the settings app and again choose ‘Accounts & Passwords” option
  6. Tab on “Add the Account” button and choose Google email provider
  7. Login to the Gmail Account to check for the error
  •  Change the IMAP settings in the Gmail Account, follow the steps given below
  1. On Home Screen, click on Settings icon, then on the Mail option
  2. Select the Accounts menu to choose the problematic account
  3. Click on the Advanced option
  4. Under the Incoming settings section, adjust the IMAP servers settings from to
  5. Save the changes & check for errors
  • Update the iOS or the Email Client


The iPhone and Gmail issues are infinite but we hope that we have solved one of them with the help of this article. A huge thanks to Emails Crunch for being the reference of this informative blog article. We request our audience visit their website if they face any email related issues in the future as they specialize in all the Email Guide & Troubleshooting.

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