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Facebook Messenger Not Working 2022 (How to Fix)

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms which have a large number of active users. But it is possible that this very popular social media platform might not work sometimes and not only it but its features like messenger might not be working sometimes and users face issues like Facebook messenger not working. In this blog we are going to assist you so that you can get the solutions for this issue. 

Ways to Fix Messenger not Working on your Device –

  • Restarting the Device you are using 

The first and the most basic step which the users can try is to restart the device you are using. When you will restart the device you will see that the minor glitches you are facing will be fixed. 

  • Force Quitting the Messenger App 

You can force quit the app so that the issues like FB messenger not working by first going to settings tab of the app and then from settings tab you need to move the apps and then notification, from there you just have to press the option of force quit. Now, you can check if the way you tried has helped you to fix the problem or not. 

  • Clearing the Cache Files of Messenger App 

If you are wondering why is my Facebook messenger not working, then for your information we would like to tell you that the cache files of Facebook messenger might be responsible for the same. So, to fix this the users need to clear the cache files of messenger which they can do by going to settings app. In the settings app they need to look for messenger and then hit on it; under messenger they will see storage and cache which they have to clear. After you clear it you can check whether the issues has been resolved for you or not. 

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