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Finding the Right Niche: Tips for Doctors Conducting a Job Search

In any industry, finding the right job can be difficult with all of the job openings around the country and the world. And as a physician, you have many opportunities to work in whatever geographic location that you desire with being so highly skilled. 

Today, the world is in desperate need of qualified doctors and healthcare workers largely due to the strain placed on the healthcare system by the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, the tactics that job recruiters use are designed to attract the right physicians. But you still have the power to choose what employer suits you best. 

Conducting a job search in today’s healthcare world might be a bit overwhelming. But if you stick to a sound strategy, you’ll likely be able to find the right job with little difficulty. 

If you’re a physician looking for employment in 2022, the following will provide some useful tips to consider when performing your job search. 

Create a List of Priorities 

You likely have a list of values and must-haves when it comes to securing new employment. But beyond knowing these values and must-haves, in what order of importance are they for you? 

For example, are you concerned primarily with working with COVID-19 patients? Or is this something that you want to avoid? This is definitely a question that you should probably consider along with your other priorities.

Perhaps your priorities include community outreach, teaching residents, being a part of a research team, a particular salary, a geographic location, benefits, or a work-life balance. No matter what your priorities are, you need to order them from highest to lowest. 

When you finally begin your job search, you’ll know exactly what you want to focus on. And you’ll be able to weed out any employer that doesn’t fit your priorities. 

Research Prospective Employers 

Hospitals and clinics spend a lot of time and money on recruiting the best candidates and to attract the right physicians to work for them. But you should also be spending a great deal of time researching and choosing the right employer as well. 

The following list will provide a template for researching healthcare facilities:

  • Talk to current residents
  • Consult employee testimonials 
  • Consult reviews 
  • Research patient testimonials
  • Network with other doctors 
  • Look for opportunities for advancement within the facility 

As with any job, you’ll want to get out there and look for the best and the worst attributes before ever considering accepting a job. Once you’ve found the ideal place to hang your hat, you’ll know when your priorities line up with the possibilities that await you at your prospective employer’s facility. 

Update Your Resume 

Before you can go out and dazzle any recruiter or hiring manager, you’ll need to ensure that your resume and cover letter are updated and that all of your best skills are on display. And this might require removing any fluff that might be contained in your resume.

For example, if you’ve worked with children in the past but you’re looking to advance your career in a different direction, removing the highlights regarding those skills and focusing on the skills that you have regarding in a different field is going to be an essential modification to your resume. 

Additionally, you might want to tone down any verbosity you have within your resume, especially if you have a long list of awards and accolades. 

Though showcasing your achievements is good on any resume, bragging can be looked upon poorly. So you might want to tone down any extensive parts of your resume and focus the document on obtaining the job you’re seeking by only offering the most relevant information.

Be Proactive 

Chances are that during your job search you’ve applied and interviewed with more than a few prospective healthcare facilities. But you have to understand that though you may very well be more than qualified, an employer may have a ton of applicants to go through at any given time.

Once you’ve gone through the application and interview process, keep up with your job-seeking duties by following up regularly. 

Check the status of your application in a timely manner. And don’t be afraid to reach out to the HR department to see where you stand. This will show that you have an interest in the company, and it will keep them reminded about your application. 

Finding the right job as a doctor isn’t unlike finding the right job in any industry. But with the high level of skill that comes along with this line of work, it’s important to have a sound plan going into your job search. 


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