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FAQs about Fruit Delivery in Singapore And Their Answers

Fruits and grocery delivery has been a popular trend in Singapore for a while now, and there’s a good chance that you might have heard of it here and there in passing. Whatever your reason for considering it may be, you may have a few questions about the whole thing and might feel skeptical about whether or not you, too, should try it out.

In this article, we will do our best to respond to all the general questions and queries you might have about fruit delivery in Singapore so you can exactly what to s[ect when getting your fruits delivered to your home by these online startups.

Let’s take a look at some of the general questions most people commonly ask.

Are The Fruits Still Fresh?

Yes, you will find nothing less than the most premium quality goods in terms of texture, taste, and freshness when you get your fruits delivered. Because most fruit delivery stores in Singapore focus solely on this one job and deliver fruits only, and because they are aware that their company’s integrity and reputation lies in the quality of the products they provide, most of these stores take extra care in ensuring that the food stock is fresh and good as new. You won’t have to worry about receiving stale food if you get your fruits delivered.

How Much Does Delivery Cost?

This depends on the platform you choose to order from and the number of fruits you choose to order. Often, stores charge delivery by the weight of the delivered products or by the number of products (like different fruits in this case) being sold.

Some stores have fixed delivery rates no matter what. However, luckily, some stores also offer free delivery! This is usually provided when your order payment exceeds a given threshold and you buy in bulk.

How Long Does It Take For The Fruits To Arrive?

Again, this depends mostly on you, your location, and the platform you choose to work with.

Different fruit delivery stores in Singapore have different business models. The business model being used by the platform you choose to work with.

To explain briefly, some stores work by taking your order and then assigning it to the nearest fruit vendor on their site to you based on the delivery location you provide and then delivering the fruits to you.

Business models like this can get the order delivered to you much faster.

Some other stores let you choose what fruit vendor you want to buy from, and depending on if you choose a further away vendor, then it takes longer to deliver the order to your house.

There are also stores that have their own stocks kept in warehouses. Their delivery time again depends on how far your location is from their warehouses.

However, that’s not all. To improve the delivery time for your order, many stores have a range of delivery options from standard to premium, same-day delivery, booking delivery in advance, etc.

These filters can help make the delivery process much smoother, especially if you book in advance.

This is because some stores receive more orders than others, and having more demands means they are busier and that it might take longer to get your order to you because you would have to wait for your turn.

This is why many stores let you book delivery windows in advance so you can pick a favorite time you would like to have your fruits delivered to you and then receive them within that time frame.

However, you have to be strategic and fast when it comes to this because when it comes to booking delivery windows, the early bird gets the worm, and the times that are popular get booked very fast. So if you want a good time, you have to book fast.

Another thing you should know about booking delivery windows in advance is that it may cost you extra to book delivery windows at good times (times that are popular among customers and are wanted by many) compared to when you book at any random time.

Some stores especially charge extra on holidays.

So you can use this knowledge as a tip for when you want to save more and when you want faster delivery.

What Are The Available Delivery Times In Fruit Delivery Stores In Singapore?

You will find a variety of delivery times when working with online fruit delivery stores. Many online stores are just branches of your local fruit vending stores expanding their business.

This means that they open and close at the standard times your local fruit vendors open and close.

However, that is not to say that there aren’t stores that are open 24/7, all through the year, even on weekends.

You can find stores that deliver round the clock.

In addition to that, even if the store happens to be closed late at night, you can still usually place your order online and receive the order first thing the next morning.

Will The Fruit Delivery Business Deliver In My Location?

Usually, the fruit delivery stores in Singapore show you the locations they can deliver to.

Some stores even require you to enter your location before you order and adjust the available products accordingly. They show you stores that deliver orders to your site, making things more convenient.

However, there is rarely any location these stories won’t deliver to, and no matter where you live, there is a good chance that you can find at least one fruit vending store that’s willing to provide to you.

What Is The Best Time To Order Fruits?

If you’re ordering in advance, it is recommended that you place your order at least 2-3 days in advance to be sure that the delivery window you want is available to you.

Otherwise, the time that suits you best is the best time to order fruits; however, you might have to be careful about waiting longer when you order during rush hours.


Hopefully, now most of your main queries about the workings of these businesses are solved, and you can smoothly order from these fruit delivery stores in Singapore knowing what to expect.

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