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Escape From Tarkov Maps Overview

Escape from Tarkov is a realistic MMO survival FPS with RPG elements that was developed by Battlestate Games. The setting is in a fictional region called Norvinsk in which there is a war between two private military companies – The “USEC”(United Security) and the “BEAR”( Battle Encounter Assault Regiment). 

Once a vibrant city, Tarkov is now ravaged by the war, and scavenger gangs are roaming everywhere. In all of this chaos, the primary goal for the players is to try to escape back to the free world. 

Currently, Escape from Tarkov has a couple of different modes available to play: 

  • Online PMC raids
  • Scav raids
  • A temporary offline mode

In the raids, you can choose to play solo or in groups. Once in-game, you are given an extraction point on the other side of the map, but to escape, you have to fight other players and AI-controlled NPCs in order to reach the escape point.

You can find loot such as firearms, equipment, and armor during the matches. If you manage to escape from Tarkov successfully, you can keep these items in a stash and then use them in future raids or sell them to other players in a virtual market.

The game has realistic weapon behavior and ballistics and a minimal HUD to provide a hardcore, realistic FPS experience. 

Maps Overview

Navigating the maps in Escape From Tarkov can be quite difficult, especially for new players. 

There are dozens of spawn points, possible locations for an extraction, hot spots, and special places. And if you happen to get lost on some of those maps, it could cost you and your team dearly, especially with the AI Scavs running around, trying to ruin your day. 

In any case, knowing which route to take can help you tremendously and prevent you from seeing the death screen time and time again. 

So, we’ve put together a brief overview of the maps in Escape from Tarkov, so you can get yourself familiar with them and not be totally lost when you’re first starting out. 

Keep in mind that even if you know the maps perfectly, if your shooting sucks, it won’t matter much. But over time, with practice and experience, you’ll get better. And until then, at least you’ll know where you’re going. 

Here are all the maps in Escape From Tarkov:

  • Customs
  • Interchange
  • Factory
  • Reserve
  • Shoreline
  • The Lab
  • Woods
  • Lighthouse


Customs is probably the first map you’ll encounter in Escape From Tarkov. It’s one of the most popular maps and you’ll play on it quite a lot, especially at the start. 

Most of the time, you’ll spawn on one side of the map and you’ll have to go through pretty much the entire terrain to get extracted.

On the South-West side, you have the woods near the military base. When you spawn there and you go towards the center of the map, you’ll encounter a big gas station. In it, you’ll find the Scav boss Reshala. Around the stations, there are a bunch of hidden stashes as well. 

On the East side, there are dorms and sometimes both teams can extract from that location. 

West is the Scav checkpoint and far in the East, there is the Trainyard. You’ll have to cross one of the four bridges to get to the trainyard, so you might be very exposed there. 

The raids here last 25 minutes, with 8 to 12 PMCs.  


Interchange is another map you’ll probably be playing early on. The map is basically a big shopping mall, with multiple levels and plenty of places to hide in. 

There are many extraction options inside the mall, but two of the most popular escape points are outside, on the opposite sides of the map. They are quite easy to find and that’s why most players prefer them. 

In the parking lot, you can find the Safe Room. And there is plenty of loot in some of the big stores inside the mall. 

For example, In IDEA there are a lot of cash registers, hardware, keys, and random loot. In GOSHAN you’ll again find lots of lootable cash registers, food, and weapon cases. In OLI, you can get yourself car batteries, propane tanks, and a gas analyzer, amongst other things. 

Interchange can host 10 to 14 PMCs during a 35-minute raid.


Factory is currently the smallest Escape From Tarkov map. It can host just 4 to 6 PMC players during the 15-minute raids and can be pretty confusing at first. 

But once you’ve worked your way around the layout, the map is pretty easy to get used to. Just be a little patient and with enough practice, you’ll master Factory and its quirks.

The map has 3 floors, but because of how small they are, you’ll have to always be on your toes for incoming enemies. 

Be very careful of the Forklift area on the 1st floor. That’s a spawn point with a good place for camping, plus it has some narrow hallways that can quickly become your end. 

The boss in Factory is called Tagilla – a welding mask-wearing maniac with a huge hammer. He can spawn anywhere and likes to chase you around, so try to kite him if you can. He is not a tough boss, but you still have to be careful with him.

This map is great if you like quick raids and some close-quarter combat. 


This is the map where the big boys go to play. Basically, if you’re not well prepared and adequately equipped, you probably won’t survive it. 

The boss here is Glukhar and he is a tough one. His minions are annoying and will not let off, but the loot you can get is totally worth it. The best way to deal with this boss is to position yourself well on the rooftop to avoid getting swarmed by Glukhar’s raiders. 

The outside of Reserve is easy to navigate, for the most part. But things can get complicated very quickly once you venture inside. You should probably run the map in offline mode before you try it online for the first time.

Reserve hosts 9 to 12 PMCs and the raid is 30 minutes long.


Shoreline is a diverse map that’s also best suited for players that are a bit more advanced. It’s one of the biggest EFT maps and it can host 10 to 13 PMCs. Plus, it offers some great views. 

This map has lots of points of interest, so it’s going to take a while to learn it properly. To the South, you can enjoy some open battles, while on the North side, you can find yourself in hectic indoor skirmishes. 

Most of the loot in Shoreline can be found in and around the Health Resort to the North. It’s surrounded by big open areas that you can navigate by following the powerlines. They go around the Health Resort area and provide a good way of keeping track of where you are. 

Be mindful of the boss called Sanitar in the resort. He appears in one of the resort wings and is very well-armed. He will have two guards with him, but don’t underestimate them, as they also carry some heavy weapons and are quite accurate. 

When Sanitar or his guards are injured, they like to break off for a while to heal. They will also not hesitate to use grenades. 

The other boss on this map is the Cultist priest. He is usually found near the river between the power and gas stations. Sometimes, he and his gang can jump you in the swamp village in the northeast, or even near the Health Resort. 

Cultists usually move silently and can attack without notice with poisoned knives. You’ll have to be pretty alert when dealing with them.  

This raid is 55 minutes long, which reflects the size of the map. 

The Lab

The Lab is a place that many players enter, but very few actually manage to escape. This is probably the hardest Escape From Tarkov map at the moment, mostly because it has 6 to 10 souped-up powerful PMC players alongside some supercharged AI Scavs.

This map is not the most aesthetically pleasing, but the loot is definitely worth it. If you manage to survive, of course. (and you can afford the entrance fee). 

If you like a challenge and you’re already quite familiar with the game, The Lab will give you the thrill you seek. Just make sure you find your way in the 30 minutes you’re given to do so. 


Woods is an absolute haven for snipers. This map is full of big rocks and dense forest, which makes it easy to find good spots and then be able to cover your tracks. 

Please note that Woods is probably one of the hardest Escape From Tarkov maps to learn. That’s because it’s very difficult to distinguish the trees from one another, which makes you question everything you see. 

You’ll need a lot of time to get used to this map and you’ll have to learn to look for bigger points of interest, like unusually shaped rocks and terrain in order to get around. But once you get that down, the map can be quite fun.

Be aware of the sniper Scav in the center of the map, near the Mountain Stash. The three extraction points for PMCs are in the East, and are not too far from that mountain, so be careful. 

In the South-West part of the map, near the lake, there are two bosses and lots of loot. 

One of them is a long-range camouflaged madman called Shturman. He can spawn at the Sawmill and will have two followers. While they will usually try to pin you down, one of the followers might try and flank you, so keep that in mind. 

The other boss is another Cultist priest and his gang. They also spawn near the Sawmill, so you’d definitely want to be alert in those areas.  

Raids in the Woods last 25 minutes, but because the map can have between 8 to 14 PMCs at a time, the battles are usually pretty heated.


Lighthouse is the newest map in Escape From Tarkov and as such, players are still figuring out its quirks. The new environment is quite cool and it’s always nice to do some new adventures. 

This map features Rogues who will shoot at BEARs straight away, while USECs are given a free pass. That’s unless they get too close or they fire first. 

Lighthouse can host 9 to 12 players at a time, but with all of the Rogues and snipers, you’re going to have your work cut out. And you only have 40 minutes to escape. Oh, and be careful of the minefields near the Industrial Zone. 

Consider doing your first run as a Scav to get your bearings. 

Escape From Tarkov Boosting

Escape From Tarkov is not an easy game by any means. It requires a lot of time and dedication in order to get good at it and level up your character. But when you do, it’s even more fun.

Learning the maps will help you greatly, but If you want to become a better player faster, consider using Escape From Tarkov Boosting Services to get personalized help from veterans in the game. 

Boosting services are the best way to save yourself a lot of time and stress while progressing through the game. And they are totally safe and affordable. 

Here are some of the perks of getting boosted by a pro:

  • Level up quickly
  • Complete Any Raid
  • Farm Roubles
  • Upgrade Your Hideout
  • Kill Any Boss
  • Unlock the Flea Market
  • Get to the Endgame
  • Complete Any Quest

Usually, with boosting you can choose for the expert to play with your account on your behalf, or have him coach you and help you in-game to complete an objective. The choice is entirely yours, but either way, boosting can surely enrich your Escape From Tarkov experience. 


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