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Enhancement of Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking is one of the nightmares of the students. Students have to participate in various activities in the school regarding their studies and syllabus. Among which several times students have to give presentations on stage in front of many people or they have to act in a play or drama in front of people, some students are okay with it and they enjoy such activities but some students have fear of speaking in front of people. Institute ERP of many educational institutes are looking forward to giving the classes to the students for public speaking and presentation skills so that they can face mob and can have a successful career in future.

Institute ERP in many schools is trying to induce some good and innovative tools like attendance management software. This admission management software helps to track the attendance of the students through which school management is able to calculate the interest level of the students in learning and work accordingly to improve it. When students feel issue in public speaking this shows their confidence level is very low. So, lets understand the ways through which public speaking skills can be enhanced by those students who fear it a lot.

Experts say that feeling nervous before giving a speech or performing an act or any presentation in front of a mob is very common and it is nothing like any person is suffering from any problem particularly, this happens to almost everyone. Sometimes this stress makes the students extra attentive towards the performance and it is good too but don’t let this stress go beyond the limits.

Students must think before the performance that people sitting there in the mob are also like me so why to fear from them. The best method to overcome such anxiety and stress is to practice as much as the student can. It is so because practice makes a man perfect and more confident about the performance. Most importantly, students need to know about his or her audience. He or she should gather knowledge about his or her audience in order to craft the performance according to them so they can like it much more and due to having proper knowledge about the audience, students can include such words and statements in their speech or performance which can motivate the mob. 

Students should organize the things before the performance just as he or she organizes his study table before starting doing homework.

He or she should have proper details about what he or she is going to speak along with details about the topic having data also which can be represented in front of a mob in order to prove the credibility of statements spoken. Students should also take this into concern that they should drive the attention of mob towards them in their very initial statements of their performance. While speaking, even if the student is nervous, don’t show it to the audience and just be yourself and use your personality to shine there on the podium, don’t overreact there and try to become someone else because the audience likes reality. While speaking, keep a keen eye on your audience and notice the reaction on their faces while you speak and make changes in your words accordingly to make your speech impressive. Accept the feedback the audience is giving through their facial expressions. 

No one likes a speaker like a tape recorder so change the tone, pitch and manner to speak from time to time and bring some humour while speaking because people like a speaker with humour. Try to include some real-life stories of your life which can grab the attention of people because people like real life examples a lot regarding the topic. Never remove your eye contact from mob and start reading any script because this represents that you have prepared nothing and are still reading the script to perform, sometimes or very rarely it is okay but don’t do it regularly.

While speaking, students should use their full body to make impressive gestures especially with hands, head, face and eyes in order to make your audience concentrate on you completely. Make such a dashing performance initially that the whole audience should sit in their seats being glued and finish your presentation in a way which becomes unforgettable for the mob. Following all the above enumerated steps any student can enhance his or her public speaking skills.

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