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Effective Ways to Leverage Social Media Customer Service

As more and more people and brands embrace social media, the opportunities for its use as a marketing tool also increase dramatically. Social media marketing goes beyond posting pictures and updating statuses from time to time. If you are a business owner, using different social media platforms for existing and potential customers to reach out to you can certainly take your brand to the next level.

But if you are not careful while curating or managing your online presence, you are likely to fall behind the competition. To make social media an emergent and powerful platform, as an entrepreneur, you must have sound customer service strategies in place to provide consumer support through social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. This serves as an effective way to meet customers where they are and quickly answer questions.

In case, you don’t know how to do that then this article is for you! By the end of this article, you will learn exactly how social media can be used as a customer service tool.

Try Building Real & Authentic Customer Relationships

There are many business owners out there who use social media platforms solely for the purpose of increasing their brand visibility. But, they don’t pay much attention to responding when potential or existing customers approach them to seek help when they have queries, issues, or concerns. As a business owner, you must be willing to leverage your Facebook and Twitter accounts to build real relationships by engaging in conversation.

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In fact, not responding to your consumers at all can clearly affect your brand in a negative manner. Hence, it is important that you respond to them within a reasonable amount of time. Keep in mind, a customer makes the effort to reach out to you by means of social media. It actually means they expect a response from your end. According to research, 42% of consumers expect a brand to respond to their complaint within 60 minutes through social media.

Also, you need to know that when customers reach out to you through social media to complain, there is a possibility that the brand has already failed to help them through conventional customer service channels. Needless to say, they’re already frustrated at this point. So, it’s better not to provoke them further by ignoring them. Instead, what you can do is treat them well. When you do that, you will have your customers’ loyalty.

Always Listen to Your Customers

It’s no secret that customers love to know that their go-to brand listens to them. On top of that, they feel glad to find out that a company puts their satisfaction on their top priority. By engaging, prioritizing, and listening to your consumers through an effective social media platform, you can win their trust, that too in no time.

If it is something hard for you to believe, take a look at this research which suggests that 75% of people say when a brand makes the effort to establish a meaningful connection with them, they are more likely to post something positive about social media.

Needless to say, the customers’ positive comments and recommendations are an innovative form of word-of-mouth advertising. When you have a lot of satisfied customers, there is a good chance that they would tell their friends and family about their experience in person which can result in building the credibility of your brand. This is exactly why you need to invest in a stellar social media customer strategy.

Make Sure to Create a Customer Advocate Base

One of the primary reasons why a customer gives a negative review is that they have had a bad experience with a brand. When you receive such reviews on your social media accounts, make sure you respond to them and assure them that you will work on improving your services and products. Besides that, let them know you are available around the clock to resolve their issues.

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To provide remarkable customer service at all times, you must be connected to high-speed internet. In case your internet is too slow to respond to customer queries on time, then consider investing in Windstream Kinetic for blazing-fast internet. Rather than worrying about their negative comments, you must think out of the box to come up with ways to make your customers happy.

Develop an Effective Business Strategy

If you already don’t have a proper business strategy, you should be ready to develop one. The strategy must involve providing such excellent customer service that you end up creating a loyal and strong customer base. In turn, they will become advocates for your brand even if something goes wrong.

In other words, a customer advocacy base is a group of trusted and loyal customers who are always ready to speak out in favor of your brand wherever they go.

To Sum Up…

With the aforementioned tips, you will not only be able to generate a loyal following but also be able to greatly improve the social media presence of your brand. If you fail to take advantage of social media, you could end up finding yourself in the dust by forward-thinking competitors.


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