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Digital Marketing dwells upon social listening

If you are a shop owner and a customer comes to your shop for buying a product. What would your approach towards him/ her be?

One way is to start explaining every product to them thereby convincing them to buy as much from you as possible. The other way is to let them express their needs to you and then according to that prepare a sales pitch, mold your ideas in the shape of solution to their needs and then present your product to them. The clear difference between the two approaches is fine listening ability.

The whole paradise of effective digital marketing is built on the skill of social listening. It is this skill which enables the marketers to know the information that surveys won’t tell you but are worth to know.

The idea of social listening is based on three steps that are: monitoring, analyzing and taking action.  Each step has a role and direct impact on the digital marketing strategy of a business.

As the name suggest social listening is to listen what the society (customers) think about your product, brand and its reputation.  With the help of social listening, a business can:

1) Improve their campaign

Any business model carries a certain image in public eye which impact the success of their campaign. Social listening can enable marketers to understand the public sentiment towards a campaign.

2) Build on brand reputation

Besides a specific campaign there are some social listening tools that provide qualitative and quantitative data about brands. This data is a proxy to the brand reputation in general 

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3) The competition update

Social listening tools helps to get businesses idea about their competitor’s model. It gives insights about his performance and public relations in comparison to yours and thereby lets you analyze your positioning.

4) Avoid future debacle

Whenever a social media campaign regarding promotion of a product line is launched there is chatter in the market. Social listening enables you to draw out information that might help you solve some issues before they hurt your business. It is a PR exercise which can be fruitful to beforehand corrective measures 

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5) Get access to real time feedback

A well planned social listening campaign can help a business to get real time feedback from its prospective customers. In usual market dynamics, a customer feedback survey or customer cold calls does not give that accurate information. Instead a social listening tool helps you analyze their real opinion and work on them thereon.

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Overall social listening skills can be a potent force to boost your digital marketing strategy and hence business revenue.

About The Author

Gaurav Digital is a digital marketing expert, educator & service provider having more than a decade experience in digital marketing industry. He has already worked with MNC’s & top Indian & Foreign brands. Currently he heads Delhicourses known as best digital marketing institute in Delhi.

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