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Different ways of Getting Pregnant

For most couples having a baby together is the greatest desire, but there is indeed a difference between wish and reality, no matter what you try. If you have tried all the measures and have not succeeded, they you can discuss with your doctor the alternative mechanisms.

Say after a year or so if you have not got pregnant, the doctor will go on to conduct a series of tests to ascertain whether you are physically ok or your partner. If any issue is with both of you, there is no need to panic and go on to take it in your stride. This is a part of life and do not indulge in a blame game as this will worsen the situation considerably.

The problem may be with you or your partner and if it is a health issue it can be fixed easily. One of the problems could be the stress associated with trying to conceive, so do not point fingers at anyone and look at the below mentioned ways of getting pregnant, which brings us once again to the point that one should never lose hope at any point of time.

Natural cures in an alternative manner.

There is a host of natural infertility clinics, which will help both men as well as women to conceive. This is for a long time when they are trying to conceive and homeopathy or Chinese herbs would be an option. The common areas which are under focus are sperm quality or count or even consumption of certain foods can increase your chances of conception. It is not at all a bad idea to start off with these alternative cure measures as it is possible to be pregnant by these methods. The best aspect about these methods is that it will not cost you a bomb and the stress levels are reduced considerably when you adopt such methods.

Sperm bank

As the sperm donation bank, where men can donate sperm, a woman can go and donate the eggs to an egg bank. If the reason of not being able to conceive is due to the lack of eggs, is you can use someone else’s eggs and pair it with the sperm of your partner. This fertilized egg can still be planted into the uterus and you can become pregnant.

Surrogate mother

When a mother is not able to conceive, or being pregnant for a full term a consideration can be to get in touch with a surrogate network. They will be artificially inseminated with the sperm of the partner and the baby will be carried through the stages of pregnancy till it is born. This will indeed need a good contact as legal surrogacy is a nightmare, so a reputed agency is necessary.

Artificial insemination

In case the sperm count of the male is low or of poor quality, then it would be a better idea to visit a sperm bank. You can also look up to sperm donation centers where you are more than likely to come across quality donors. If you go on to exercise this option, the sperm will be injected into the uterus. Or cervix when the woman is in a stage of ovulation.

These are some common methods which can increase the chances of your pregnancy.


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