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Dentophobia: what it is & how you can beat it

Everyone experiences some form of dental phobia in their lives. You know that feeling: absolutely dreading going into the dentist’s chair, nervously wondering what they have in store for you and your teeth? Well it’s estimated that around 60% of people experience some degree of it in their lives, so you are certainly not alone!

So, what exactly is this unwanted phobia? And what are some of the ways in which you can combat it?

Let’s take a look below:

Dental phobia symptoms

Dental phobia can be a real nuisance, so much so that you might find yourself asking, “how much does sleep dentistry cost?” (you wouldn’t be blamed for asking such a question – it’s a great way to curb those fears!).

Symptoms of dentophobia include, but are not limited to:

  • Sweating profusely
  • Increase heart rate
  • Fainting upon arriving at the dentist
  • Crying
  • Panicking
  • Avoiding checkups

What causes dentophobia?

There are myriad reasons why people develop dentophobia. Many people who have the condition experience symptoms for the following reasons:

  • Fear of pain: After all, most people don’t actually like pain. Even if you have a high pain tolerance you might still get stressed about dental pain, and for this reason it’s plain to see why so many people suffer from some degree of dentophobia!
  • Fear of the dentist: Being in the dental industry, we can’t help but feel a little slighted, but some people have a fear of the actual dentist themselves.
  • Fear of needles: Once again, nobody really enjoys receiving an oral injection. It’s one of those ick-inducing side effects of visiting the dentist, and it can be a big contributing factor to a person’s dentophobia.
  • You have a highly reactive gag reflex: If you have a strong gag reflex, you might gag more easily than other patients, and this is something that can be very off putting for people when visiting the dentist!
  • Dental noises: Dental noises, like the clink of different technology, can be another source of stress for people before going to the dentist, especially as those sounds can be associated with memories of an unpleasant dental visit.

Ways to combat dentophobia

Thankfully, there are many ways in which we can combat our dentophobia and have a more relaxing experience. As you know, this is a highly common problem, so a lot of work has gone into ensuring the problem can be curtailed if not completely alleviated.

Some tips for combating dentophobia include:

  • Consider sleep dentistry: Sleep dentistry includes the use of a sedative to ensure that you are calm and relaxed throughout your appointment. Performed in highly professional settings, this treatment option was designed to help alleviate or at least reduce the fear associated with going to the dentist.
  • Talk to your dentist: Don’t be afraid to tell your dentist that you are stressed about your appointment – it can help them choose the best approach for providing you with treatment!
  • You can take breaks: If you become stressed throughout an appointment, remember that you can take a break to reduce some of the stress you may experience throughout an extended appointment.
  • Work your way up to bigger appointments: You don’t have to go rushing into that treatment you’ve been absolutely dreading. If the treatment is not urgent then you can always work your way up to it, taking little steps to ensure that you are ready for it when you truly feel ready for it, and that your stress will be replaced by a greater feeling of calm when it comes the time for treatment.
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