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Dark Joseph Ravine’s Perspective on Celebrity Responsibilities

Over the years, Dark Joseph Ravine, founder of Kindness for Success, social media influencer, and Guinness World Record holder, often discusses the idea of being true to ourselves. This means we do not change for anyone and create our own trends instead of following them. As a public figure, Ravine is no stranger to the pressures of conformity. Being a celebrity, influencer, blogger, or business owner is a large undertaking, and Ravine shares his views on what public figures are responsible for.

“Celebrities, influencers, bloggers, and businesses owners must always be careful what they do,” Ravine explains. “Gaining a large group of fans, followers, and customers is a great accomplishment but sometimes, people let fame and money get to their head. They may behave in ways that do not become them. At times, people who live in the public eye forget that their actions and behavior are constantly under scrutiny.  Any and every action, speech, or behavior, especially those that are negative, can and will be held against them.” Ravine believes if more celebrities would weigh their actions out properly and reflect on their behavior, they would face far less backlash. “Some celebrities think more about the short-term rewards that result from their behavior rather than about the risks that are involved. Actions must be contemplated before they are performed, and the pros and cons of actions should be reflected upon,” Ravine emphasizes.  While being a celebrity is an attractive offer in many ways, Ravine discusses why the rewards, such as being wealthy and well-known, do not eliminate the responsibility celebrities have to the public. “One wrong move and celebrities can destroy their career and reputations forever,” he explains.

“Celebrities should try to behave properly because they are constantly being watched. Acting mean or haughty will do more harm than good. Fans and followers are the deciding factor of the success of celebrities. Those who jeopardize their relationships with their fans are asking for trouble,” says Ravine.  When celebrities do not treat their fans with respect, their fans will not want to support them. “Celebrities must realize that even if they are feeling tired, to reject a fan who wants a photo, or an autograph is considered bad behavior on the part of the celebrity. At the same times, fans also forget that celebrities are also human beings who may be going through difficult times in their lives and have a very busy schedule.” 

There is no doubt that being a public figure has its challenges.  While it’s difficult to build up public recognition, it’s simple to lose that recognition with one wrong move. Celebrities must think through their decisions before they act because essentially, they are living life in the public eye. By maintaining boundaries and displaying appropriate behavior, they can ensure their reputation remains pristine.


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