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Connections – Bluetooth makes you flexible!

Otherwise, there are small but important differences in the connections in the different models of the smartphone manufacturers. So the best FM transmitter for you does not necessarily have the most connections, but exactly the one you need for your iPhone, Samsung, or another mobile phone. Most of the time, the 3.5 mm jack plug is needed for this, which is connected via the headphone jack of the mobile phone.

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The Bluetooth connection

Some MP3 transmitters have a Bluetooth interface. Of course, you don’t need another Bluetooth adapter to connect your device. The Bluetooth function can be useful if you want to be independent of the connection of the different smartphones and music players. Bluetooth connection sometimes disables in airpods. Did you know why are my airpods flashing orange?

With the following overview, we would like to introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of the Bluetooth connection for FM transmitters:


  • Easy setup
  • Good transmission quality
  • Wireless connection



  • Consumes more power than a cable connection
  • Requires the compatible Bluetooth version of the receiver and transmitter

Where does the name Bluetooth come from?

The term “Bluetooth” is derived from the name of a Danish king named Harald Blauzahn (English Bluetooth), which originally united hostile regions between Denmark and Norway. In the logo, the Old Norse runes for H and B are combined into a monogram.

Further equipment – on display is almost always integrated

FM transmitters usually have a display. Many models can also be used as a hands-free system, but do not come close to professional hands-free kits or Bluetooth headsets. Occasional users should still be satisfied with the hands-free system. Some MP3 transmitters have a remote control as an accessory, which allows you to perform special functions such as sound settings.

Stiftung Warentest and its FM transmitter test

In 2006, Stiftung Warentest tested FM transmitters in a separate category as a way to play MP3s via radio. In this FM transmitter test, the “Musicfly” was examined more closely.

The Stiftung Warentest attests to a slightly cumbersome operation, which can take some getting used to at first. Furthermore, the sound seemed rather dull to the testers.

FM Transmitter: What Else You Should Know

Should a certain frequency be set?

In southern Germany, the frequency range is gaining in importance compared to the north of Germany. This is due to the large number of radio stations that broadcast their programs. The frequency around 87.5 MHz should run largely interference-free, as radio stations do not use this frequency.

Which of the FM transmitters has the best sound?

Sound is mainly determined by the speakers or headphones, as the transmitters only transmit the audio signals to them. Nevertheless, various FM transmitter tests showed that high-priced products from Mumbi and Mpow produce significantly higher quality music in stereo than the inexpensive products.

Do I need to install an FM transmitter?

As a rule, there should be no problems with all types and types during installation:

Turn on the radio station.

Then connect to the transmitter via jack plug or Bluetooth.

After choosing the desired frequency, the transmission should begin, as long as the transmitter and radio run on the same wave.

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