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Cockroach Control Methods That Don’t Work

When cockroaches get into a home or business, their presence is never received with open arms. Roaches are not only disgusting, they are known carriers of human pathogens, parasitic worms, and harmful bacteria, which often lead to sickness for individuals in an infested structure.

Sickness is a strong motivator to take action. That is why many home and business owners turn to do-it-yourself solutions to “quickly” get rid of cockroaches when they appear. The problem is that these solutions are not quick–and rarely effective–at arresting an infestation. Here are some DIY methods often used to stop roaches and why they are usually unsuccessful.

Hiding your food to control cockroaches

Some well-meaning “cockroach experts” say that hiding food will make those cockroaches go away. While it is true that hiding and protecting food is a good idea when cockroaches start to appear, it is not likely to get cockroaches to pack up and leave. The problem is that cockroaches consider lots of things to be food. They’re known to eat book bindings, grease, waste, wallpaper paste, pet fur, plants, and even each other. Worse still, they’ll nibble on you if they can’t find another food source.

Hiding and protecting food is not without its advantages though. When you protect your food, you keep it from being contaminated by cockroaches. Making it harder for cockroaches to get a bite to eat will help stunt population growth. But, at the end of the day, you’re still going to have cockroaches.

Controlling cockroaches with store-bought cockroach traps

This is the big one most people turn to–probably because it works. The issue with these kinds of traps, as well as other DIY pest control solutions, is that it doesn’t fix the actual problem of your cockroach infestation. There are all kinds of ways to bait or trap cockroaches, and many of them will help you trap some roaches. But, if you don’t stop those cockroaches from coming in, you’ll be trapping cockroaches indefinitely as cockroaches are prolific breeders.

Using store-bought pesticides to get rid of cockroaches

Can you spray and kill cockroaches? Yes. But, cockroaches have natural defenses that help them avoid areas where pesticides are being used. And, when exposed to pesticides, roaches can develop a resistance to those pesticides. The last thing anyone needs in their home or business is pesticide-resistant cockroaches. Pesticides are also toxic to humans and pets. When applied wrong, they can lead to greater sickness than simply living with those dirty roaches.

Using natural cockroach control methods

There are all kinds of exterior cockroach control options available. Some can be used to kill roaches, like boric acid or baking soda. Some promise to drive cockroaches away, like bay leaves and lemon juice. Some natural products, like coffee, which is attractive to cockroaches, can be used to lure roaches into DIY traps. The problem with all of these is that they are as effective as trying to hit the bullseye on a dartboard while blindfolded.

Cockroach prevention tips for residents

While cockroaches are associated with poor sanitation, they really don’t pick and choose. Cockroaches can be just as likely to appear in a professionally cleaned home as they are to show up in a college dorm room. All cockroaches need is a way into your home and a compelling reason to do so. The following are a few prevention tips to help keep cockroaches out of your home or business:

  • Inspect and seal entry points in your exterior walls and foundation.
  • Examine and replace door and window screens.
  • Cover vent openings with screen mesh.
  • Seal exterior trash.
  • Address areas of moisture to avoid attracting these moisture pests onto your property.
  • Keep weeds and other organic debris cleaned up around your foundation perimeter.

Residential and commercial pest control services

Cockroaches are resilient and relentless. That means your pest control service should be as well. Extermination of cockroaches is a process that requires strict adherence to established methods and the experience to apply these methods effectively. Once the cockroaches have been eliminated from the structure, it is important to invest in ongoing barrier treatments to prevent new roaches from replacing the old roaches. Whether you’re looking to protect a home or business, cockroach prevention should be done by a professional to ensure success.


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