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Car Servicing Checklist Essentials That Every Car Owner Must Know

Do you know your car needs maintenance, just like how you regularly clean your house? Well, car servicing is easier since it needs to be done only twice or thrice a month. When that time arrives, you prefer taking it to the best car service in Dubai or elsewhere, without considering the hefty amount you’ll be paying. Remember that there’s nothing you can’t do, including the car’s maintenance. Creating a checklist of all the steps and understanding the basics is all you need to pull this off.

Let’s determine what factors you must add to a car servicing checklist. 

  1. Changing the Engine oil 

Every month, you’ve to get under the hood of your car and examine the engine oil level, particularly when going on a long road trip. Insufficient engine oil can lead to several problems if left unattended. Remember to carry out the task when the engine is excellent, making your car maintenance checklist the first chore.

  1. Cleaning Air Filters 

An air filter regulates the air that flows into your car’s engine and helps eradicate dust and debris. Ensuring air filters flow correctly can enhance your car’s fuel efficiency, decrease emissions, and guarantee your engine’s life. You can effortlessly do it at home by following the owner’s manual for instructions.

  1. Check on the Battery 

A car battery is integral to a car servicing checklist, yet it’s also quite handy. All you have to do is to unleash the worn-out battery wires and replace them with new ones. Besides being a central part of the process, your car won’t run with an outdated battery, so adhere to it before it gets too late. 

  1. Tyre Pressure and Tread Depth 

Since well-maintained tyres lead to a safe and fuel-efficient ride, checking up on the tyres is imperative. Determine the pressure in the tyres every week, especially before carrying extra weight. And don’t forget to add a spare tyre, or else you’ll have to look for a mechanic where you locate it. Again, the owner’s manual comes in handy by guiding you about the required air pressure. For this, you can check the tread depth using a gauge.

  1. Headlights, Brakes, and Parking lights 

It’s essential to ensure that your car’s front and back lights are working correctly. Yet, it’s easy to overlook them when you’re in a rush. In this regard, adding them to your car servicing checklist makes a wise move. After checking on the tyre pressure, attend to the headlight and see if they’re well-positioned and aligned perfectly. 

Next, walk around your car and visually examine the parking lights. Have a pal stand behind the vehicle while you engage the brakes to ensure that your brake light is functioning well.

  1. Wax it up 

Only washing your car won’t turn it shiny, but you also have to concentrate on its polish. After fixing everything, waxing up your vehicle will make it appear new. Ultimately, it’ll reduce the chances of dust sticking to the exterior. Many environmental factors like sand and sunlight can lead the shine to get dim. However, waxing also helps minimize the impact of such elements by forming a protective seal to extend the polish lifespan.

  1. Replace windshield wiper blades 

While we often neglect this part, windshield wipers can cause you real hardship, particularly during a thunderstorm. So, they need to stay at their top performance. Once you observe leftover water streaking to the windshield after every swipe, they might be calling out for replacement. 

So, swipe them off with new ones. If your budget isn’t allowing for the new shield, you can try wiping the rubber with a washcloth to check if that improves performance.

  1. Spark Plugs matters

Lastly, as small as they appear, spark plugs play a significant role in engine efficiency, and they can be susceptible to the buildup that affects your car’s overall performance. While the owner’s manual usually acknowledges the replacement time, you can replace them if your vehicle is struggling to accelerate, has trouble igniting, or sounds weird. 

Ending Thoughts

After reading the pointers mentioned above, you must’ve perceived that a car servicing checklist isn’t so hard to attend to. In case you’re unable to comprehend any part, prefer connecting with professional mechanics in your area. However, doing it yourself isn’t hard either by following a guide made by experts.


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