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Top 4 things to consider when buying car air fresheners

Things to Consider Before Buying Air Freshener for Car

Buying air fresheners for cars is always on the mind when you smell a bad odor. But how often do you remember to get one?

A good car smell has the power to uplift your mood and brighten your day. But it’s also quite difficult to maintain good odour in cars. 

Since it’s a close space with limited airflow. Often, car reeks from food, environmental or body odours. 

You might get a car wash and interior cleaning whenever the odour is unbearable. But unpleasant-smelling cabins are a regular affair. 

Car air fresheners are handy and effective in eliminating bad odours. 

Apart from removing musty smells, air fresheners also add a fresh, pleasant fragrance of your choice to the car. 

Shopping for car air fresheners can be a bit tricky at times. There are several kinds of air fresheners along with ranging fragrances, prices and brands. 

Thus, we’ve compiled a list of the things you must know before buying air fresheners online. 

4 Things to Consider Before Buying Car Air Freshener

Here are the most important things to consider before buying air fresheners online. 

1. Type of Car Air Freshener

Air fresheners for cars come in various types, ranging from plugins to oil wicks, sticky gels, vent sticks and more. Pick the type of air freshener suitable for your car. 

Can-Style Air Freshener – 

Made of plastic or metal with holds on the lid, these air fresheners contain scented gel inside them. It’s lightweight, and simple to use. 

Oil Wick-style Air Freshener – 

Made of glass or plastic bottle, containing scented vaporising oil. These air fresheners are extremely effective and easy to use, just a bit expensive. 

Scented Hanging-style Air Freshener –

 With a string attached to a scented piece, these air fresheners are usually hung on the rear-view mirror. One of the most common and affordable air fresheners of all time.

Aerosol Spray-style Air Freshener – 

Similar to room freshener sprays, aerosol filled sprays quickly remove bad odour with a quick spray. 

2. The durability of the Fresheners

High-quality air fresheners are long-lasting and require less replacement. You don’t want to invest in air fresheners that last two or three days. 

It will require you to spend more money buying another one every time you struggle with bad odours. 

Air fresheners that last upto a month or so are extremely useful and provide long-lasting performance. 

3. Cost of Air Fresheners

Car fresheners are generally pretty inexpensive, there is a wide range that you can choose from. However, we don’t recommend buying cheap air fresheners. Focus on the quality and the longevity of the product. 

A cheap air freshener might be good for your wallet but less effective and sustainable when compared to quality products. However, costly or high-end air fresheners also don’t mean it is the best either. 

It’s best to go for brands that are reliable and offer an affordable solution without burning your pocket. 

4. Choose the Type of Fragrance

The ingredients of the air fresheners in your car matters a lot. The scent emitted from the product is inhaled through your lungs, affecting your health entirely. 

Thus, we recommend choosing car fresheners that are toxic and chemical-free, and provide a really pleasant fragrance. 

Look for fresh-smelling air fresheners that are safer and cost-effective to use. You can go for charcoal air fresheners, essential oils or portable diffusers for a non-toxic smell. 

If you are looking for premium air fresheners from top brands and OEM sellers then Carorbis is the right place. The startup offers a wide range of high-quality car accessories online at affordable prices.

Get your car smelling brand new and fresh with excellent air fresheners for cars from hundreds of brands and sellers. Choose from the variety of types, prices, and performance. 


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