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Can CBD Vape be Helpful for Women with PCOS?

CBD is beneficial for many issues. It helps deal with anxiety, depression, stress, muscular inflammation, and faster recovery. With various therapeutic properties associated with CBD, scientists are discovering other uses of CBD. PCOS is an issue that has many women grappled with bodily and mental pain. There is no approved solution to PCOS. Women who suffer from PCOS have only the option of medications to help them. Recently, scientists have connected CBD with PCOS. They believe that CBD can help deal with symptoms associated with PCOS. This paper will study the effect of CBD on PCOS when consumed through vaping.

CBD Vape

CBD is short for Cannabidiol. It is a derivative of the Cannabis Sativa plant and has many therapeutic benefits. It helps heal pain and anxiety, among others. Further, it does not make a person feel high since the concentration of THC in CBD is very low. One can ingest CBD through gummies, oil, vaping, etc. Vaping CBD is one of the fastest ways of getting the effects of CBD inside the body. Vaping CBD allows the contents to pass to the blood through the lungs quickly.

The benefits of CBD are multifold. CBD is helpful in:

  1. Reducing pain and inflammation;
  2. Lowering depression, anxiety, and blood pressure;
  3. Regulating production of sebum, etc.

It can also help kill unwanted bacteria in the body, etc. Primarily, CBD Vape has become popular because of its effect in curing pain. The ability of CBD Vape to trigger effects fastidiously provides various benefits like helping with migraines, providing fat pain relief, helping with anxiety, etc. CBD Vape is beneficial in many aspects; hence its impact on various other issues, like PCOS, is also being researched.


PCOS is the short form for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. If a person suffers from PCOS, their ovaries tend to produce high quantities of androgens. The production of androgens in large amounts disturbs the balance of the reproductive hormones. Creating of male hormones in excess by ovaries leads to a hormonal imbalance.

CBD Vape be Helpful for Women
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There are many symptoms associated with PCOS. Some common symptoms are that women suffering from PCOS often have irregular menstrual cycles, missed periods, ovulation becomes unpredictable, and obesity is a common symptom. Studies have suggested the growth of small cysts on ovaries due to lack of ovulation. PCOS also causes female infertility. PCOS can also worsen any other health condition existing.

There are many causes associated with PCOS. Some common causes include:

  1. High levels of male hormones called androgens;
  2. Increased levels of insulin;
  3. Low-grade inflammation.

However, since PCOS appears to be a genetic condition, it is stipulated that this disease can easily pass down from mother to child. Usually, some blood tests and ultrasounds may be able to detect the existence of PCOS, and medical healthcare services are capable of curing this disease. But recently, scientists have been exploring the impact of CBD in curing PCOS.

Can CBD Vape be helpful for women with PCOS?

Many diseases affect women. PCOS is one of the most common hormonal disorders found in women. Globally, about 5-10% of women suffer from this disorder. Despite this disease being present across the globe, there is little literature available on this. For example, it was recently observed that insulin played some role in this disorder. However, enhanced technology is helping scientists come up with a better solution to this issue. There are chances that soon they will also find out some possible solutions for this disorder.


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CBD per se is not a solution to the problem of PCOS. However, it is believed that CBD can help manage the symptoms that come with PCOS. Some of the common effects of CBD on women suffering from PCOS are that CBD can help reduce women’s weight since obesity is a major factor in the disease. CBD can also help improve the mental health of women.

Women suffering from PCOS often complain of gaining much weight, which is also very hard to lose. Gaining weight is a double-edged sword. It is a symptom and effect of PCOS, and gaining excess weight also worsens the symptoms of PCOS. Insulin resistance is a common factor that causes obesity in women suffering from PCOS. A common solution to obesity in such women is exercise and maintaining a healthy diet by eating carbohydrates in reduction and getting most of the nutrition from fats and protein. CBD helps in improving insulin sensitivity. In addition to these options, consuming CBD through vaping allows these women to lose weight faster as it helps them burn more fat. It turns white fat cells into brown fat cells that can burn fat tissues, thus burning fat fastidiously.

Women who suffer from PCOS have higher chances of getting various mental illnesses. They are found to be suffering from issues like poor self-perception, anxiety, and depression. There are multiple reasons for this: symptoms from PCOS like acne, obesity, facial hair, etc. are common reasons. Such mental issues lower their self-esteem. Sometimes, matters like infertility also become primary reasons for depression. CBD helps these women deal with their mental health problems. CBD helps deal with issues like anxiety, depression, social anxiety, etc. Insulin resistance is also associated with severe stress. CBD can help decrease resistance to insulin by improving mental health.


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CBD Vape also helps maintain a healthy ECS; any dysfunction and irregularity can stimulate the development of PCOS. ECS is a signaling network in the body. It is responsible for maintaining balance in the body. Any dysfunction in ECS can lead to the development of various conditions, including PCOS. Some of the symptoms associated with PCOS, like insulin resistance and obesity, can also be developed by poor ECS. ECS shares similar genetic makeup as CBD. So consuming CBD allows it to interact with cannabinoid receptors in the body that keep the system running smoothly.

CBD is a safe product for consumption. CBD Vape helps the body receive the effects of CBD faster than any other method. There are certain side effects linked with using CBD Vape like lethargy, lung damage, diarrhea; however, they are infrequent. Using CBD Vape provides faster relief from such issues. The benefits of using CBD Vape in such situations far outweigh the negatives.


PCOS is primarily a cause of genetic resistance to insulin. So improving the resistance levels can better help deal with the issue of PCOS. This can be achieved through diet, exercise, stress reduction, and medication. CBD can help improve stress and anxiety and can also help reduce weight. It also helps improve the overall mental health of the person. It may not be viable to call CBD a solution to PCOS, but it is a valuable supplement for women suffering from PCOS. CBD Vape can help achieve faster results and speedy recovery from PCOS symptoms.



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