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Budget-Friendly Tactical Pants for Any Mission

For a long time, tactical pants have been for the police, SWAT teams, military or firefighters. Now, men’s tactical pants come with less bulk to wear for outdoor activities. They are becoming a popular everyday wear for the outdoor lovers. 

Yet, the market has endless options for these pants to choose from. It can be overwhelming for a first-time shopper of men’s tactical pants.

What features should you look for? Which one will best suit your needs? Most likely, these are some of the questions running through your mind. Worry not. 

Find below a buyer’s guide and a review of affordable and quality options for tactical pants. Read to the end!

But first…

Why Use Tactical Pants?

Tactical pants are not your ordinary cargo pants. They have a design for law enforcement, firefighting, and military use. This is because of the unique features for resilience to demanding lines of work.

If you are in lawenforcement, you need the best police tactical pants. When running after a thug, jumping over fences or crawling towards your target discreetly, police tactical pants come in handy. 

Aside from style, you’ll also be getting maximum comfort, flexibility and durability.  Better still, most of them are waterproof if you find yourself in wet environments.

In your outdoor activities or jobs, you also need tactical pants because they provide adequate storage for all your quick-reach items. This is because they come with many pockets, belt loops, and clips for hanging your essentials.

The 3 Best Affordable Tactical Pants

While the purpose is straightforward, the police cargo pants continue to evolve. Manufacturers ensure they add more style to the pants to break the usual appearance.

Nonetheless, the most crucial aspect is the price. Because you’re likely to buy more than a pair, it’s best to ensure the cost is low. Here are the most affordable and quality tactical pants. 

1. Urban Ops Tactical Pants

Urban Ops Tactical Pants
Picture source: lapolicegear

This is your top choice if you’re looking for a cheap, high-quality pair of tactical pants.

The Urban Ops is lightweight and made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton rip-stop. It has large pockets to hold all your quick-reach gear for access when necessary. Urban Ops has articulated knees and a gusseted crotch for comfort and free movement.

The YKK zipper is not only durable, but it’s also convenient when traveling. Another admirable feature in this la police gear pants is the elastic waistband. The waistband is stretchy and has sizable belt loops for different waist sizes. These belt loops are also strong enough to hook on a hiking rope for effortless carrying.

Pair these Urban Ops Tactical Cargo Pants with the LA Police Jersey Polo Shirt. Talk about style and functionality coming together so well. 

2. Propper Men’s Tactical Pant

Propper Men's Tactical Pant
Picture source: Amazon

The Propper men’s lightweight tactical pants are your best bet in demanding situations. They are breathable for proper airflow against sweat and odor in hot temperatures. Also, the Teflon fabric protector acts stain-resistant for easy maintenance.

This pair of men’s tactical pants is 65% polyester and 35% lightweight cotton rip-stop. You don’t have to worry about storage because it has nine pockets to hold your easy-access gear. The stretch waistband has extra-large belt loops that allow the hooking of extra gear.

Thanks to its free-movement design, you can jump, roll, bend, climb and run. The articulated knees, crotch and seat areas allow flexible and comfortable movements. Reinforced stitching in these areas enables resistance against quick tears.

3. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Cargo Work Pants

FREE SOLDIER Men's Cargo Work Pants
Picture source: Amazon

No more fearing rainy weather when out for a hike. The Free Soldier men’s police cargo pants are water-resistant to keep you dry.

Still, the cotton and rip-stop polyester fabric guarantee effortless maintenance and durability. The material is wrinkle-free, fade-resistance and resilient against scratches and tears.

There are over ten pockets in this pair of tactical pants for men to hold their everyday travel tools. The pockets have a zipper closure to ensure the safety of your items in any movement.

Tactical Pants Buying Guide

Tactical Pants Buying Guide
Image Source: Pexels

Whether camping or hiking, it’s crucial to wear the correct type of cloth. When it comes to tactical pants, there are several things you need to consider before paying. Take a look at the key factors below:


Pockets are what make tactical pants popular. These pants’ carrying capacity is impressive and comes in handy for your adventures.

Main pockets can be more than eight, with smaller compartments. Buy tactical pants with easy-to-access pockets and effortless closures like zippers and Velcro.


Consider the weather when choosing the best material for your police tactical pants. Heavy materials are perfect for cold temperatures, while lightweight suits warm weather.

Rip-stop, twill and cotton fabrics are popular choices for durability and strength. Also, a blend of several materials allows the pants to maintain shape. Others are also treated to offer water-repellent abilities ideal for the outdoors.


The correct fit is crucial for all types of pants. Tactical pants have a higher waist than other pants to carry heavy items without sagging.

Nothing is as uncomfortable as a tight crotch. It can kill the fun of your thrilling adventure. When checking out the correct fit of these pants, ensure you can run, jump, climb and bend.

Size and Weight

While buying many, ensure they are portable for extended adventures. Being portable means they’re lightweight to carry in your traveling bag.

Also, size is essential. Fitting tactical pants are ideal because they’re not bulky when packing. This means you can roll or fold them up to occupy the least space in your luggage. Besides, you don’t want to carry and pay for an extra bag for your pants.


Budget is everything. Ensure you pick men’s tactical pants within your budget. Luckily, the endless options in the market also offer varying costs to suit every type of buyer.

The best part is that manufacturers are offering excellent qualities for cheaper costs. So, you don’t have to run for the high-end options thinking they’re the only ones with quality.


The apparel industry is now prioritizing unique clothes for outdoor and manual activities. And what’s the best way to include features of professional combat attire?

The above review meets the needs of a tactical pants every buyer is after quality at a low price. Better still, there are vital factors to consider before paying for that pair of pants.

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